Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're on the Island and Online!

I finally have Internet! It was hooked up today and we couldn't be happier! So now I can go on and on about how much I LOVE PEI! This island is fabulous and is in my opinion the most beautiful place in all of Canada. I will say though that I don't love it more than Nova Scotia, the two are pretty much equal in my heart.

The trip was long and boring but now we're here and here we hope to stay. The house we're renting is pretty straight forward and simple but the view is lovely and I've enjoyed being able to just walk across my lawn and wade around in the warm ocean water. I am keeping my promise to NEVER wear a bathing suit ever again! I have a skirt that is the perfect length for wading around in the water, so please don't try to imagine me wearing a bathing suit, it just isn't going to happen LOL! Not that anyone would see me as our beach is private but I would know and I couldn't in good conscience put the birds in the trees through the terror of having to see me in spandex :).

Our neighborhood is lovely and it provides Liam and I with plenty of wonderful places to go for long walks. PEI isn't short on gorgeous places to visit and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing them all! Below are some of the pictures I've taken so far. You must excuse the poor quality of the editing. Our belongings haven't arrived here yet and Photoshop is on my other computer, not on my laptop so I've been editing my photos with an inferior online program which has not been doing the greatest of jobs. It seems that when I re size the pictures they get a tad bit blurry which causes me to have to sharpen the image which in turn makes them look a wee bit grainy and well, just not nice. I can't wait to use Photoshop again!

My new backyard! This is the view I see every day from my living room windows and back deck.

This is the view just beyond the trees bordering my back lawn. If you were to go outside this photo and a little to the right you would see a lovely little private beach where I have already tested the waters a couple of times. The water is warm even at this time of year! There are huge schools of little fish that nibble my feet when I stand still in the water. Crabs of all colors and sizes are in abundance and there is a blue heron outside my dining room window every day. I've named my new long-legged friend 'Albert'.

Because of my generosity with the wild bird seed my back deck has become the place to be for the neighborhood blue jays. It seems every time I look out the window there is anywhere from one to four blue jays pecking away at the seed I leave for them every morning.

Liam and I enjoy looooooooooooooong walks around the neighborhood. If we head left on our road we come across fields of grass, wild flowers and potato crops with incredible views of the ocean and the red cliffs of our fair Island. If we head right we pass a lovely old white church with a graveyard that dates back to the early 1800's. Past the church is a bay where there are fishing boats docked and steps away from that there is a wonderful red sand beach with plenty of shells and sea glass to be found.

A field and ocean view down the road from my house. The wind is incredibly strong in this area but I love it!
Another view just down the road from my house.
Liam enjoying another walk with his mum :)

Lobster traps steps away from the beach down the road.

Liam was not fond of the beach until he discovered the joys of making footprints in the sand. When he saw me make marks in the sand with my fingertips he stopped his fussing and said very excitedly "WOW!". The sand is such a lovely shade of red and is so soft!

Fishing boats docked down the road.
Stay tuned, more posts and pictures to come!

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