Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Couches

When we moved into our new home we were of the understanding that it was partially furnished. While the photos we saw of the house showed a decent looking couch or at least a couch that looked decent in tiny pictures, the couch that was in the house upon our arrival was far from decent. Not only quite possibly the ugliest couch I've ever seen, it was also completely worn out, torn in a number of places, saggy in the middle, covered in an entire dog worth of long white dog hairs and it smelled like a wet dog that hadn't been bathed in years. A definite runner up for the nastiest couch award for sure! Because of this I have been sitting on an uncomfortable wooden chair since we moved in. A seat which, suitable for eating meals on, is not a nice perch when tired and sore from a day's worth of cleaning, unpacking and furniture arranging. Well, those days are over! Our new comfy overstuffed piece of heaven is here and I couldn't be happier with it!!!!

Of course after the new couch was delivered it was my job to relocate the old couch to the basement. Which proved easier than one would think. While I'm only 5'4" and I have rather skinny arms this project took only about 5 minutes for me to do all by my lonesome. The teeny tiny front foyer with narrow stairs and an inconveniently placed half wall were challenging but it all worked out pretty well. Check out the pictures below to see how the couch removal progressed and to see our new happy comfy spot....

Phase one : The old couch is through the upstairs door.
Phase two : Ugly is now heading down the first flight of stairs.

Phase three : Um, well, this is the what do I do now stage.

Phase four : The wet dog has one flight of stairs left and it's outta here!

Success! Ugly is downstairs, never to be seen by my eyes again and here's my little bug trying out Mr. Comfy :)

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