Saturday, September 5, 2009

On the Road and in Calgary Alberta

(Photo of Calgary Alberta courtesy of TravLCox on Flickr)

We're finally on our way! And to tell the truth I'm not at all excited. I'm a live in the moment sorta gal and rarely get excited about anything until it's actually happening. Of course who would be excited about where I am right now? I'm sitting on the floor of our motel room in the dark so as to not wake my little Liam. The room is a typical cheap motel room that reeks of cigarette smoke despite the fact that it is supposedly a non-smoking room, yuck. But I have Internet here and the bed while uncomfortable is no where near the worst motel room bed I have slept on so I'm dealing quite well :) .

Thursday morning the movers arrived in their gigantic white truck and slowly loaded our stuff up. I say slowly because I've never seen anyone take so many breaks before in my life! They were very nice people though and they let Liam hang out with them in the back of the truck which he absolutely LOVED! The one man there was an older completely bald man with a rather loud deep scratchy voice and interestingly enough I did think he would have made a fabulous pirate in a movie. Liam really took to him and followed him around quite a bit chattering away. He referred to Liam as his little buddy and talked to him as if he were just that. He was definitely great with kids!

After the truck left we finished loading our car and were off and headed to Kamloops for our first day on the road. We arrived at my sister-in-law's house quite late and were very happy to get to bed after such a long and busy day. In the morning we visited with Maja, Ben, Peter and Justin for a while and then it was back on the road. Liam was really good most of the way and only started to fuss a little after we arrived in Alberta. Our portable DVD player took care of that though and with the aid of very old Disney cartoons referred to as 'Silly Symphonies' we were once again tantrum free.

So anyway, it is now very early in the morning and I'm tired so well, you get the idea.... good night (or good morning) I'm heading back to bed.

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