Monday, September 7, 2009

Internet Finally!

Last night's motel didn't have internet available which is why I was unable to make a post but happily tonight we're in a motel with free hook-up so here I am :) . The other night when we stopped in a small town in Ontario called Kenora we made the worst mistake a person can make while on a road trip. We paid for our room before asking to see it. From the outside it looked to be a cute little cottage. From the inside, a scary little hole infested with spiders and a rather unpleasant odor. It looked as if it hadn't been cleaned thoroughly in some time and the floors were sloping so much that when I tried to stand on one foot to put my socks on I kept falling over. In the morning I woke up extremely early took a VERY fast shower and as soon as Oliver had done the same we were out of there and on the road again. So if you are ever in a little town in Ontario Canada called 'Kenora' and you come across a motel by the name of 'Gayles'..... STAY AWAY!!!! Stay far away!

Currently we aren't sure what town we're in but our newly aquired motel room is clean, without spiders and bad smells and presently the only noise to be heard is that of our hyper active toddler who can't seem to stop bouncing off the wall's. Tommorow more driving will ensue.

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