Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Biggest Yard Sale EVER!

Friday's weather was blustery at best. The sky a dark blue turning grey with short bursts of sunshine quickly vanishing behind more dark clouds. Saturday was our planned outing and while we would have braved poor weather if need be, we were more than happy to see a clear blue sky greeting us Saturday morning.

The big event happened to be a gigantic yard sale held once every year. Spanning 70 miles of the island, people register their yard sales in advance to be included on a map that is available for free to anyone wanting one. This makes it a little easier for everyone to plan their day before hand.
Oliver and I stopped at as many sale sites as we possibly could throughout the day carefully selecting the ones that we thought might have vintage and antique items. Twice we made short detours to see lighthouses. The first was the Point Prim lighthouse which had a gorgeous red sand beach perfect for finding bits of sea glass. We walked on the beach a while looking for treasure and then made our way back to the yard sales. A little while later we stopped at the Cape Bear lighthouse situated on a cliff (pictured above and below).

My camera shy little bug was not very accommodating and hid behind me for each shot. Luckily for him his mummy needs to lose some poundage giving him more than enough space for a good hiding place LOL!
All in all we had a fabulous day, just look at some of the treasures (below) I found for next to nothing!
The chair is an antique that needs some work. I'm going to repaint it leaving the little ship painting as is because the little ship is what made me like the chair in the first place. The ship was painted by the elderly mother of the woman I purchased the chair from. It's very simple and folksy which I love! They had it in an old barn full of her paintings. The glass bottles are old, so far I'm unsure if they're antiques or if they're just vintage. I do know after some research that they were made by the Wheaton Company. The tin pictured was too pretty to resist priced at $1! These tins are especially nice for storing craft supplies. The bowl is an antique transfer ware wash basin, something I've actually been on the lookout for for a while. It is fairly beat up but it doesn't have any breaks or chips and the pattern is in perfect shape! The bowl is my favorite find of the day. Next we have a cute dog figure that has a similar finish to the vintage Japan dogs I collect. I don't believe it is a Japan dog but it's cute and it will look right at home with my other pups, it cost 50 cents. I also found a decent amount of scrap vintage fabric for only 50 cents and a very pretty pair of yellow curtain panels (not shown) covered in roses that only need to be cleaned and ironed and then they will be perfect for my bedroom windows! They cost a mere $3! The $3 also included a vintage floral bark cloth pillow case in perfect shape that I purchased for scrap fabric.

All in all we had a super fun day, spent next to nothing but still managed to bring home a good number of treasures and are looking forward to next year`s sale!

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