Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Moving ..... to Prince Edward Island!!!!

The title says it all! On the third of September I'll be on my way to my new home on Prince Edward Island, the most beautiful province in all of Canada! Oliver, Liam, Boo, Bingley and I will be renting an ocean-front house on two acres for about 6 months (or at least until winter is over). The below picture is the view we will be enjoying every day! Oliver has a job waiting for him as a plumbing estimator / project manager. We're VERY excited! Well, I'm excited to be going back home (back East, we're in BC at the moment). But I'm not so thrilled about the week long drive across Canada with a toddler and two dogs or about the packing I have to finish up. While we haven't been back in BC for long the short time we've been back has seemed like a bad dream. I'm just not meant to be here, I miss Eastern Canada soooooo much my heart aches. So we're all very happy and we are looking forward to more time spent in the land of Anne of Green Gables, lobster and red red earth.

The mosaic atop this post was assembled using PEI photos found on Flickr and created using BIG HUGE LABS mosaic maker.

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