Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday's Photos

I just thought I'd share some pictures I took yesterday while in my in-law's yard. Enjoy!

The Importance of a Soother

Yesterday while in my in-laws backyard I wanted to take my son's picture. Liam is a tad bit over two and while he can survive without his soother or as he calls it his 'soos', he prefers to have it in. So in a moment of stupidity I came up with the brilliant idea of taking his soos out so I could get some soos-free photos. And it went like this,

1. soos is in
2. Liam is de-soosed and immediatly the mouth opens wide and the whining commences
3. Liam follows me around the yard with mouth wide open
4. Liam points at soos with lip hanging low and threatens to start crying
5. Liam gives up and runs down the hill into the woods to live with the fairies where they most certainly will happily give him a soos. The End

Click on the picture to see it larger :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My First Juried Art Show!

I was accepted into my very first juried art show recently and my painting won an award! You can read about it HERE if you're so inclined :)