Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hummingbird Petting Zoo

Today I spent about an hour or more sitting atop a ladder on my in-law's porch petting hummingbirds. Yes, you heard me right! I actually touched them! I went up there initially to try and get some photos of the little buggers but soon realized that they were rather comfortable with my being there so I figured I'd just reach out and touch one. I started out by slowly coming up underneath one while he was drinking and then gently stroking his tummy with the end of my finger. This didn't seem to phase him a bit which of course made me much braver in my actions and I gave his little tummy a nudge with my finger and low and behold he just hopped right on! He sat there for a little while and then flew away only to make room for more little bitty birds to rest atop my outstretched fingers. The above middle picture (while not a good angle to see it) shows a little bird sitting atop my finger. These little guys are very soft and terribly brave when they're hungry. No need for a zoom lens with the birds around these parts :)


Zoe Ann Hinds said...

How lucky you were to so quickly gain the trust of the hummingbird and then be able to touch it. It usually takes a good deal of time and effort to be able to do so. I would so like to one day be lucky enough to experience that!

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Momxxx said...

That is so amazing Kim. You had such a special moment with a little living jewel! I envy you the memory of this one.