Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At Last!

My husband and I have finally found a common interest! Antique and vintage sewing machines! We've never really had much of anything in common (I guess opposites really do attract) but I always wished we could find some sort of hobby or something that we could both find interesting. Turns out Oliver finds the researching of different machines to be an enjoyable challenge and I just love antiques and sewing related items so there you go!

We took a look at an old hand crank machine last weekend but we both felt it was overpriced for the rough shape it was in so we decided to pass on it. But no worries, we are going to be looking at a couple more in the next couple of days :)

Just the other day we came across a guy on Ebay that restores these machines and gives them incredible paint jobs using metallic car paints. This is something we are both interested in. Oliver is VERY mechanically inclined and is a perfectionist with any work he does and I hate to see old things go to waste simply because they are beat up. Now we're on the look out for cheap antique and vintage machines that we can give new life to. Not for a business though, more just a hobby if anything.

Reguvinated Singer Featherweight sewing machine with an unbelievably gorgeous new paintjob found HERE.

Another work of art! This time it's a vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine in yellow! Found HERE.
This antique Singer sewing machine is what is called a Fiddlebase because of the shape of it's base. This one has the most beautiful rose and daisy decals I've seen! I found this gorgeous machine on Flickr HERE. Click on the above image to see it BIG!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that fiddlebase Singer is exquisite!