Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day Today

Today's work, a sleepy albino hedgehog. This painting is acrylic on canvas.

The smiling face of my little bug Liam.

Today is pretty uneventful. Oliver is helping his brother renovate his basement and Liam is currently napping upstairs. This morning I finished a painting I started last night. You can see a photo of it at the top of this post. I was trying to paint an albino hedgehog somewhere in between cutesy cartoon and realistic. I think it turned out pretty well.
I'm listening to the Chronicles of Narnia movie soundtrack at the moment, well it's actually a mix of both Narnia movies soundtracks. Good music, I especially like the song by Regina Spektor called 'The Call'. Regina Spektor has some nice songs although I'll admit that a number of them are a little strange for my taste but she has such a pretty voice. Other great music I'm liking right now, Coldplay (musical geniuses!), Cocoon's album 'My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash', all of Keren Anne's albums (but especially the French ones) and last but certainly not least the 'Becoming Jane' movie soundtrack (which is heavenly).

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Heather said...

that painting is adorable (as is your little one!) those soundtracks sound awesome, I need to check them out!~