Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Some Quick Cuteness

Liam LOVES trumpets! But what is better than playing a trumpet? Playing a trumpet with his grandpa of course! Uwe (Liam's grandpa on his dad's side) has two trumpets, a big one and an itty bitty perfect size for Liam one. Liam quickly figured out how to toot it (quite loudly might I add) and now he can do it every time he tries. These pictures were taken the other day in Liam's grandparent's living room. And what does Liam like to do most with grandma? He enjoys conning her into taking him for car rides up and down the street :) And how does a not quite two year old that can't talk yet con grandma? He points her towards the drawer with the car keys in it and then takes her hand and leads her to the garage of course! Sneaky little bugger :)

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