Friday, January 16, 2009

Birds on the Brain

I am feeling stuck! I can't decide what I want to paint next and it's been driving me crazy all day long! The top picture shows what I just finished working on, well at least part of what I just finished working on. The one below it is something I finished just recently. I really love swans but I'm wanting to do something different and I just can't quite get an idea brewing in my head. Part of me really wants to do something cute and fun like children's art but another part of me wants to paint something more mature and serious. I think my biggest problem is that I really need to decide exactly what direction I want my artwork to go in in the future. Do I want to see it in galleries, being sold to parent's for their kid's nurseries, on greeting cards? I just can't decide.
I have been thinking of entering juried art shows lately but I'm unsure of how I should go about it and I admittedly have my doubts as to how well my work would do at one such event. I always imagine art galleries to be places that only display serious art or art with some sort of message behind it. My art is created just because I enjoy painting. I paint pretty pictures, that is all. I don't say to myself, "what sort of message do I want to convey?" I don't make a plan or a sketch before I start a piece, I just choose some colors and sometimes a vague idea for a subject but I just start painting and let my brushes go where they will. The ideas come as I go. Can I be taken seriously or am I just a painter of pretty pictures? I have a feeling I'll be thinking on this one for some time to come.

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Momxxx said...

I love your swans particularly the one with lace. Very pretty.