Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Artistic Inspiration

I was in the mood to share some of my tastes in art tonight. The above mosaic shows some of the stuff I've found on Flickr that I like. There is some really great stuff on Flickr! If you want to know more about any of them click on the picture and it will take you to Flickr where you can easily get to each artist's work :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Some Quick Cuteness

Liam LOVES trumpets! But what is better than playing a trumpet? Playing a trumpet with his grandpa of course! Uwe (Liam's grandpa on his dad's side) has two trumpets, a big one and an itty bitty perfect size for Liam one. Liam quickly figured out how to toot it (quite loudly might I add) and now he can do it every time he tries. These pictures were taken the other day in Liam's grandparent's living room. And what does Liam like to do most with grandma? He enjoys conning her into taking him for car rides up and down the street :) And how does a not quite two year old that can't talk yet con grandma? He points her towards the drawer with the car keys in it and then takes her hand and leads her to the garage of course! Sneaky little bugger :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birds on the Brain

I am feeling stuck! I can't decide what I want to paint next and it's been driving me crazy all day long! The top picture shows what I just finished working on, well at least part of what I just finished working on. The one below it is something I finished just recently. I really love swans but I'm wanting to do something different and I just can't quite get an idea brewing in my head. Part of me really wants to do something cute and fun like children's art but another part of me wants to paint something more mature and serious. I think my biggest problem is that I really need to decide exactly what direction I want my artwork to go in in the future. Do I want to see it in galleries, being sold to parent's for their kid's nurseries, on greeting cards? I just can't decide.
I have been thinking of entering juried art shows lately but I'm unsure of how I should go about it and I admittedly have my doubts as to how well my work would do at one such event. I always imagine art galleries to be places that only display serious art or art with some sort of message behind it. My art is created just because I enjoy painting. I paint pretty pictures, that is all. I don't say to myself, "what sort of message do I want to convey?" I don't make a plan or a sketch before I start a piece, I just choose some colors and sometimes a vague idea for a subject but I just start painting and let my brushes go where they will. The ideas come as I go. Can I be taken seriously or am I just a painter of pretty pictures? I have a feeling I'll be thinking on this one for some time to come.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day Today

Today's work, a sleepy albino hedgehog. This painting is acrylic on canvas.

The smiling face of my little bug Liam.

Today is pretty uneventful. Oliver is helping his brother renovate his basement and Liam is currently napping upstairs. This morning I finished a painting I started last night. You can see a photo of it at the top of this post. I was trying to paint an albino hedgehog somewhere in between cutesy cartoon and realistic. I think it turned out pretty well.
I'm listening to the Chronicles of Narnia movie soundtrack at the moment, well it's actually a mix of both Narnia movies soundtracks. Good music, I especially like the song by Regina Spektor called 'The Call'. Regina Spektor has some nice songs although I'll admit that a number of them are a little strange for my taste but she has such a pretty voice. Other great music I'm liking right now, Coldplay (musical geniuses!), Cocoon's album 'My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash', all of Keren Anne's albums (but especially the French ones) and last but certainly not least the 'Becoming Jane' movie soundtrack (which is heavenly).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MarmeeCraft Pretties!

Do you know MarmeeCraft? Marjorie over at MarmeeCraft creates the most delightful artwork I've seen. Her style is so charming it's hard not to love the cheerful little critters her art portrays! Below are some of my favorite prints sold in her Etsy shop. Please do check them out, Marjorie is as lovely a person as her art and I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing her shop! While you're at it why don't you visit her blog? Cozy Little Whimsy Nook

A Fabulous Blog That MUST be Visited!

Have you been to this blog yet?! If not and you're a fan of pretty things and bright colors then you really must get over there pronto! I'm not quite sure how I managed to find it today, just a case of good luck I guess but I'm so glad I did find it! What do I love about Print & Pattern? Well besides the HUGE number of pictures I love the vintage and folksy style patterned products they feature on the blog. Really you must check Print & Pattern out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Art and Snow

Shadowboxes featuring vintage wallpaper, vintage spun cotton mushrooms and vintage spun cotton birds.

Any snow over by you? We have plenty! Right now I'm looking out the window at over two feet of it. Today some people tried to use the driveway to turn around and wound up getting stuck! They were trying to back a front wheel drive car up the steep driveway and were having quite the time of it, LOL! Luckily my lovely husband Oliver was there to save the day. He told them to drive all the way down the driveway and then turn around. That did the job and they were up and out in a jiffy! I'm not used to so much snow but I must say I am enjoying looking at it from inside the house. It's very pretty but in my opinion not all too enjoyable to go out in. I do however love the lower temperatures we're having. I'm usually too hot so the cold is pleasantly perfect for me.

As you can see by the above picture, I've been busy painting again! I finally got around to doing two gnome paintings and then there's the six bird paintings, two landscapes and one deer painting. I also did six shadow boxes recently and two collages on canvas. I tend to paint pretty quickly and almost always have some sort of artwork going. I've gotten so bad about needing to create that I even embroider during movie watching on the couch because I just can't seem to stop! I'm a fabulous multi-tasker though and can work on artwork while paying close attention to my son as well as keeping a close eye on the dogs. Liam loves to drive his cars around on the table I paint at so of course I'm always careful to make sure the paint isn't too close to the edge. The last thing I need is a painted toddler running a muck :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Bring an End to Old Tears

Well another year has started and I'm hoping things will be looking up for my little family and myself this time around. Last year was a tough year, big moves, emotional times and alot of heartbreak but as I always do, I'm putting the past behind me and moving on. Alot happened that because of it's personal and stressful nature I decided against sharing it with blogland but let's just say that my life is about as dramatic as a life could possibly get, LOL! Here's to a fresh start!