Saturday, October 4, 2008

Something I Do That I'm Sure You Don't Know About!

Ever wonder about a person's past? What they did before you knew them or maybe even just read about them? Well here's something that I'm sure you didn't know about me. A number of years ago I was a model horse artist. I just recently started up again and found that all of that mixed media stuff I've been up to lately must have done something to me because my little painted ponies are better than ever! I fiddled with airbrushing these little ones for a couple of years but decided that handpainting them with acrylics is just so much more enjoyable while it may take quite a bit more time. There is an entire hobby dedicated to these little horses that spans the globe! My past work still to this day is winning awards for it's owners which I'll admit shocks me a bit, I'm my own worst critic. I used to bring my horses to model horse shows and compete against other artist's work. Then I would sell my horses to collectors. The above pictures are of two horses I did a number of years ago just before I quit painting them. They are super tiny little guys as you can see, one is on my dining room table and the other is standing atop my knee. The top horse will be for sale when I get around to it and the bottom horse is already sold. I specialized in these mini scale horses and in Appaloosa patterns (the spotted color for you non-horsey people). I know this sort of thing probably sounds so bizarre to many people LOL! I no longer collect model horses myself but I've decided to begin painting again whenever I need a break from my other artwork and in all honesty, the money to be made in model horse painting is just so much better than selling mixed media stuff so I'd be crazy not to paint a few horses from time to time :)

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