Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Artwork!

Love Ewe : This painting was done on canvas. Before the paint was applied I covered the canvas in vintage book pages and then painted directly over the pages.

Old Wooden Chair : Another painting done on vintage book page covered canvas. Notice the little bird perched on the back of the chair?

This peice was also done on cavas and covered with vintage book pages. After the canvas was covered I painted it and added a little landscape painting in the bottom left corner. I then stiched the various bits and peices directly onto the canvas. Everything stiched on is either antique or vintage except for the velvet leaves which are new.

This peice was done exactly like the one above it. The items stiched to this canvas are also antique and vintage.

And this is what I do with vintage postcards that have ugly pictures on their fronts. I painted this little landscape directly onto this vintage postcard.

Another vintage postcard I painted a landscape onto.

This one I did a little differently. I embroidered a piece of fabric and then stiched the fabric onto this vintage postcard.

Another vintage postcard with embroidery.

There is more new artwork to see on my Flickr account which can be viewed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim...
wow...i really admire your artwork...lovely! i love vintage art as well! =) and your baby Liam is so adorable!