Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mr Bingley is HERE!!!!

Well after what seemed like decades the wait is finally over! Mr. Bingley is here with me right now enjoying a much needed nap on the couch. He's a very sweet little guy, very happy and FULL of mischief! This puppy is so wild, he sure does keep Boo on her toes! If he's not sleeping then he's looking for something, anything to chew on. Shoes, Books, Furniture, Embroidery Hoops, pretty much everything but the puppy toys LOL! I do have my hands full with a toddler and a crazy pup to keep up with while trying to run a small home-based business, create art and take care of my new home but I'm lovin' it! Bingley is such a gorgeous little guy! Those blue eyes are sooooo blue! One is actually partially green. Boo is getting along well with Bingley, she puts up with him bouncing off of her and his chewing habit. Yes, he even chews on Boo! Mostly her back legs. She finds him irritating but not so much that she won't let him curl up with her when he's sleepy.
And, we're finally in the new house! It's still not finished. The kitchen is a mess right now, things needing to be set up like counters, cabinets and a kitchen sink. I've had to go upstairs to use the bathtub to clean dishes. Hopefully though Oliver will have the sink hooked up soon and I won't be trekking up the stairs with dishes in hand. A couple of closets need finishing and then various small details need work. But even with the work to be done this house is so lovely! I'm really quite fond of it! It's very old, not sure how old exactly but when I asked my dad what he thought he guessed at least 100 years. It's chalk full of old house charm! The wooden steps on the staircase are worn in the middle of each step which makes me wonder about all of the people who lived in this house before me, using these very stairs. I can easily say that the staircase is my very favorite thing about this wonderful little house. It's imperfections are so perfect! I don't have any decent pictures yet so you'll just have to imagine things until I can post photos :)


Scrappy Jessi said...

eeeekkk, so so cute!! love them, love the eyes.

GardenGoose said...

awww too cute!
hope you have a great week.

ashley d! said...

oh how cute!! i love chihuahua's too! <3