Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today's Photo Shoot

Today I grabbed my camera and headed out the door to entertain myself while Liam napped. I took my old chippy chairs out into the yard and started shooting pictures of my new salt shaker on top of my beloved chairs who really should be named (that's how fond I am of these chairs)! Then I plopped the green chair down in the field and had Boo and Diesel model for me. Diesel (the Chihuahua on the right) is my mum's dog and is quite the little model. Of course that's really only because he's too scared to jump off the chair and he only has two facial expressions, terribly serious and scared to death! Luckily for me he modeled the terribly serious look today. Boo (the Chihuahua on the left) is my husband's girl and she is the world's worst model! Not because of her looks because she has a little deer face with such beautiful eyes. No, Boo's problem is that she's so tense and wound up that she just CAN'T sit still! And she's not afraid of jumping off the chair like Diesel is. My mum and I tried to get the new puppy "Max" to model on the chair with the others but he's so wild that all he managed to do was fall off of the chair. Needless to say I can completley understand why directors say that animal actors are the most time consuming and often times difficult to deal with in movies :)

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