Saturday, July 12, 2008

Antique Make-Over

This has been one of my latest projects. Two antique picture frames that desperately needed a make-over. The off white one is finished and the gold one hasn't been started yet. I got the off white frame at a local estate auction for $5 and the other at the Amherst flea-market for $15. I plan on painting and distressing the gold frame to look just like the other one. The green chair is my favorite piece of furniture and definately my most humble. I got it in Great Village at an antique shop for $10, I haggled it down from $20!

Today's Photo Shoot

Today I grabbed my camera and headed out the door to entertain myself while Liam napped. I took my old chippy chairs out into the yard and started shooting pictures of my new salt shaker on top of my beloved chairs who really should be named (that's how fond I am of these chairs)! Then I plopped the green chair down in the field and had Boo and Diesel model for me. Diesel (the Chihuahua on the right) is my mum's dog and is quite the little model. Of course that's really only because he's too scared to jump off the chair and he only has two facial expressions, terribly serious and scared to death! Luckily for me he modeled the terribly serious look today. Boo (the Chihuahua on the left) is my husband's girl and she is the world's worst model! Not because of her looks because she has a little deer face with such beautiful eyes. No, Boo's problem is that she's so tense and wound up that she just CAN'T sit still! And she's not afraid of jumping off the chair like Diesel is. My mum and I tried to get the new puppy "Max" to model on the chair with the others but he's so wild that all he managed to do was fall off of the chair. Needless to say I can completley understand why directors say that animal actors are the most time consuming and often times difficult to deal with in movies :)

Something New and Old (Vintage) For My Etsy Shop

I'm offering art supply packets on Etsy now. Most of their contents are vintage with the odd bit of something new added in here and there. I decided to do this when I realized that I have a heck of alot of stuff and not enough time to use it all. The above pictures show some of the goodies. Feel free to check it out :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Wonderful Sale!

Andrea over at One Hundred Wishes is having a summer sale! I just put in my order and so should you :). She has the paper flowers in the above picture on sale and they're vintage too so they're extra special! They're also selling out quickly. I was hoping for the blue ones but they were all gone so I went with the dark pink instead. I love her selection of goodies and can't wait for my order to get here! You can visit her blog HERE.

Updated the Old Website With Some New Graphics

Over the last two days I've been updating my website. Removing some of the old art, adding some new art and making new banners for each individual gallery. You can see the new banners below. Be sure to click on each one to see them all full size, they're so much better that way!

Monday, July 7, 2008

More New Artwork!

As you can see I've been keeping busy as of late. I forgot how much I enjoy just sitting and painting for hours at a time. The bottom picture is a 5x7" print I put together using an old magazine ad for soap and some lovely vintage wallpaper. The face from the ad is spectacular I think! The other pictures are of my latest acrylic paintings. If you're wondering about the painting with the yellow background it's supposed to be two blue vintage velvet strawberries. I love vintage velvet strawberries! I don't own any yet but I'm on the lookout for them. For now I guess my painting will have to do.

New ACEOs For the Shop

A New Friend

Meet Stanley. Stanley is a pigeon that decided to spend some time in my parent's yard a couple days back. As you can probably see from the picture Stanley's legs are banded which means he's not wild but rather someone's pet. Because of a large number of cats living across the street I thought it best to catch Stanley and try and find his owner. I managed to track down his owner thru the internet using the numbers on his leg band. It turns out Stanley is a girl and her owner is a teenage boy who uses her for racing. Stanley was in a race that started in Quebec and I guess she became tired and decided to take a break from flying in my parent's yard. To make a long story short, Stanley is now with her owner after having a nice vacation in an oversized birdcage in my parent's kitchen :) (Picture taken by my dad)