Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Mr. Bingley

This is Mr. Bingley, the new addition to my family. He is 4 weeks old at present and still with his mum at his breeder's house. Bingley is a fairly uncommon color called merle, he has lovely blue eyes and a sweet little pink freckled nose. He's a purebred Chihuahua.

This is Bingley's daddy Paco. Paco is a real sweetie and reminds me so much of my lovely little Griffin. I almost teared up when I first saw the resemblence. He has the same sort of personality Griffin had as well. I could have taken this little guy home with me, I was quite smitten. Paco is a teeny tiny little man of probably only 3 pounds or so. But he's not at all a fragile little dog. He has just as much spunk as the bigger dogs! Sooooo much like Griffin!
This is Jazz, Bingley's mum. Jazz is also a merle colored Chihuahua. She has one blue eye and one green. Isn't she lovely? Jazz reminded my husband and I of our other Chihuahua "Boo" so much! She has a similar face and personality.

The owner and breeder of these dogs was such a nice lady and I was happy to see that she seemed to be an ethical and responsible breeder who obviously loved her little Chi-babies. Oliver, Liam and I enjoyed our visit and loved playing with and cuddling the puppies. Liam was very gentle whenever we showed him the puppies and he got such a kick out of Jazz barking at him. He thought it was hillarious and couldn't stop squealing and laughing. Jazz on the other hand thought that Liam was a scary strange little person and had no problem letting everyone know her opinion of him, it was quite entertaining :)


trisha too said...

He is ADORABLE! Such a pretty coat. Have fun with your new little guy. :)

Miss*Laurence said...

What a very tiny dog! And he also has a fun name.
How sad to lose Griffin, I hope you can have a lot of fun with Mr. Bingley at home soon.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What a cutie pie!!!



I love dogs, thanks for posting these too cute photos of yours!

~ Gabriela ~