Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Horrible Horrible Very Sad News

This past weekend my little Chihuahua 'Griffin' passed away. I stupidly allowed him to accompany me outside when I went to see what my husband and dad were up to. Normally I'm so incredibly careful and don't let the dogs outside because of the lack of fencing but this time I let them come along thinking they would stay with me. After a few minutes my husband and I noticed Griffin was missing so we started looking about and calling him but he didn't come when called. My husband went down by the road and then yelled at me to stay by the house. He looked very upset and thats when I saw my little angel lying by the side of the road. As far as we can tell he was inspecting the ditch when he most likely spotted a cat across the street and he went dashing across the road to chase the cat just when a car was flying past. Thankfully he died instantly and didn't feel any pain. That had to have been the very worst day of my life, I don't think I've ever cried so hard. Griffin was such a joy, and knowing that he was the happiest dog in the world and that he had a very spoiled and good life full of love makes me feel a little better but nothing could ever replace him. He will always be the best dog I've ever had the honor to know and he will always be my favorite.

Of course now Boo our other Chihuahua is depressed because she doesn't know where her little friend went and she loved him so. We've been spoiling her even more now and we aren't leaving her alone at all. She's very sad and lonely. Poor thing, she keeps looking at the door and crying every now and then.

My wonderful and thoughful dad found us a new Chihuahua puppy, not to replace Griffin because no dog could ever do that, but to help with our loss and for poor Boo who needs a companion. Boo has never been alone, since she was a puppy she was always one of two dogs and being the only dog is hard for her. At first I felt a little guilty about accepting another puppy so soon, as if I were betraying my little Griffin. But a new puppy is exactly what we all need to get through this. And I think that happy little Griffin would want us to be happy again and he'd understand.

The new puppy is named Mr. Bingley. He is only 4 weeks old now so we still have to wait a little before we can take him home with us. So for now Boo will be spoiled and cuddled extra so she isn't too lonely and when she sees her new brother I'm sure she'll warm up to him quickly and love him so. And we will never ever forget our little angel Griffy who made my heart happy every day that I was lucky enough to share with him. And now I need to stop talking about him because my eyes are welling up and I'm needing a break from crying. I will post pictures later today of Bingley.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.


Anna said...

WOW Kim, intense, sad, goosebumps.
I want to hug you.

Anna (Mr Bingley's Nanna)