Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Puppy and a Moose!

Wow! Is it ever summer! The heat we're experiencing here in Oxford is almost unbearable, mostly because it is very humid. I'm sitting in my mum's art studio in front of my laptop with a tiny Chihuahua puppy fast asleep on my lap. These little ones are so warm, not the best way to stay cool in this heat but he is so adorable and much happier in my lap than anywhere else. If you're wondering, no he's not my new puppy. Mine is still too new to be here with me now but apparently Chihuahua puppies are contagious! My parent's just a couple of days ago found themselves a little bundle of joy. He doesn't have a name yet, they're undecided as far as that is concerned so right now he's just 'puppy'. He's a long haired purebred Chihuahua and so full of energy! It's sleep play sleep play sleep play all day long!

This morning we had a visitor. A male moose strolled across the backyard! Very neat to see, especially since I've only seen pictures of these critters, this was my first real moose :).


Miss*Laurence said...

How fun those little dogs are. I still can't believe they are so small. I like the patch on his eye.

Mooses. Hmmm. That would be surprising if I found one in our garden...

Funky Finds said...

what a cutie!