Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a Quick Picture Post

Just thought I'd quickly post my latest creation. The deer was handpainted on paper then scanned and added to a Photoshopped background I made using vintage wallpaper and other lovelies. Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Photography Bug

I have been enjoying my camera more so than usual. Maybe because the sun is shining and the lighting is finally more suitable for decent pictures. My favorite thing to photograph is my collection of vintage treasures, cups, saucers, watch faces, whatever I can think of really. I went out into the field the other day and took some outdoor pictures as well. It's amazing how beautiful a simple buttercup or daisy can be! These things are so often overlooked but sometimes a good photo is all it takes to remind us to pay better attention to the little things.

New Artwork

I've been rather slow lately as far as my artwork is concerned. It's tough to be inspired and creative in such a different environment. Normally the little treasures around my home inspire me quite a bit and since I'm staying at my parent's right now my creativity just doesn't seem to be working as well as it usually does. I have done some art though, it's just taking longer than normal. The above pictures show what I've been up to. The silhouettes are available on Etsy as 5 x 7" prints for $7 and the original collages are also on Etsy. The collages were done on canvas board. I love doing collage but I sometimes try to do something a little different because I don't want to be known as just a collage artist. I prefer being refered to as a mixed media artist because I seem to dabble in so many things. I do find though that collage is what feels most natural to me, I don't necesarily need to be inspired to do collage.

Another Puppy and a Moose!

Wow! Is it ever summer! The heat we're experiencing here in Oxford is almost unbearable, mostly because it is very humid. I'm sitting in my mum's art studio in front of my laptop with a tiny Chihuahua puppy fast asleep on my lap. These little ones are so warm, not the best way to stay cool in this heat but he is so adorable and much happier in my lap than anywhere else. If you're wondering, no he's not my new puppy. Mine is still too new to be here with me now but apparently Chihuahua puppies are contagious! My parent's just a couple of days ago found themselves a little bundle of joy. He doesn't have a name yet, they're undecided as far as that is concerned so right now he's just 'puppy'. He's a long haired purebred Chihuahua and so full of energy! It's sleep play sleep play sleep play all day long!

This morning we had a visitor. A male moose strolled across the backyard! Very neat to see, especially since I've only seen pictures of these critters, this was my first real moose :).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Mr. Bingley

This is Mr. Bingley, the new addition to my family. He is 4 weeks old at present and still with his mum at his breeder's house. Bingley is a fairly uncommon color called merle, he has lovely blue eyes and a sweet little pink freckled nose. He's a purebred Chihuahua.

This is Bingley's daddy Paco. Paco is a real sweetie and reminds me so much of my lovely little Griffin. I almost teared up when I first saw the resemblence. He has the same sort of personality Griffin had as well. I could have taken this little guy home with me, I was quite smitten. Paco is a teeny tiny little man of probably only 3 pounds or so. But he's not at all a fragile little dog. He has just as much spunk as the bigger dogs! Sooooo much like Griffin!
This is Jazz, Bingley's mum. Jazz is also a merle colored Chihuahua. She has one blue eye and one green. Isn't she lovely? Jazz reminded my husband and I of our other Chihuahua "Boo" so much! She has a similar face and personality.

The owner and breeder of these dogs was such a nice lady and I was happy to see that she seemed to be an ethical and responsible breeder who obviously loved her little Chi-babies. Oliver, Liam and I enjoyed our visit and loved playing with and cuddling the puppies. Liam was very gentle whenever we showed him the puppies and he got such a kick out of Jazz barking at him. He thought it was hillarious and couldn't stop squealing and laughing. Jazz on the other hand thought that Liam was a scary strange little person and had no problem letting everyone know her opinion of him, it was quite entertaining :)

Horrible Horrible Very Sad News

This past weekend my little Chihuahua 'Griffin' passed away. I stupidly allowed him to accompany me outside when I went to see what my husband and dad were up to. Normally I'm so incredibly careful and don't let the dogs outside because of the lack of fencing but this time I let them come along thinking they would stay with me. After a few minutes my husband and I noticed Griffin was missing so we started looking about and calling him but he didn't come when called. My husband went down by the road and then yelled at me to stay by the house. He looked very upset and thats when I saw my little angel lying by the side of the road. As far as we can tell he was inspecting the ditch when he most likely spotted a cat across the street and he went dashing across the road to chase the cat just when a car was flying past. Thankfully he died instantly and didn't feel any pain. That had to have been the very worst day of my life, I don't think I've ever cried so hard. Griffin was such a joy, and knowing that he was the happiest dog in the world and that he had a very spoiled and good life full of love makes me feel a little better but nothing could ever replace him. He will always be the best dog I've ever had the honor to know and he will always be my favorite.

Of course now Boo our other Chihuahua is depressed because she doesn't know where her little friend went and she loved him so. We've been spoiling her even more now and we aren't leaving her alone at all. She's very sad and lonely. Poor thing, she keeps looking at the door and crying every now and then.

My wonderful and thoughful dad found us a new Chihuahua puppy, not to replace Griffin because no dog could ever do that, but to help with our loss and for poor Boo who needs a companion. Boo has never been alone, since she was a puppy she was always one of two dogs and being the only dog is hard for her. At first I felt a little guilty about accepting another puppy so soon, as if I were betraying my little Griffin. But a new puppy is exactly what we all need to get through this. And I think that happy little Griffin would want us to be happy again and he'd understand.

The new puppy is named Mr. Bingley. He is only 4 weeks old now so we still have to wait a little before we can take him home with us. So for now Boo will be spoiled and cuddled extra so she isn't too lonely and when she sees her new brother I'm sure she'll warm up to him quickly and love him so. And we will never ever forget our little angel Griffy who made my heart happy every day that I was lucky enough to share with him. And now I need to stop talking about him because my eyes are welling up and I'm needing a break from crying. I will post pictures later today of Bingley.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Many Pictures and Some Thoughts

These are some of my latest creations. I put these little collages together on 4x4" canvas. I was planning on keeping them but decided to stick them on Etsy at the last moment. They're in the shop here. They all have some vintage pretties on them including a piece of fabric from the 1800's (it's on the pink collage).

Isn't this house gorgeous!? My husband, son, 2 Chihuahuas and I all went for a long walk yesterday around my parent's town. Oxford is chalk full of beautiful old houses. The weather was hot and we had such a nice time! Liam walked along holding my hand so well. He's getting very good at walking on his own and boy does he sure love his new found freedom! Of course he still loves being carried around too though :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Original Artwork to Etsy

Today I'm busy adding some more art to Etsy. I've listed some people portraits, cute animals, and other such lovelies so feel free to stop by my shop and take a look-see. I'll be adding stuff throughout the day until my little bug awakes from his afternoon nap.