Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, we arrived in Nova Scotia safe and sound. I must admit it was a tad bit boring just driving and driving. There wasn't alot to look at along the way, whoever tells you a drive across Canada is a nice trip obviously hasn't done it themselves! The scenery became rather dull after we left the mountains behind us and didn't become interesting again till we were in Quebec. If you are visiting Canada don't leave out Quebec City! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! The
old buildings and cobblestone streets are so charming, I wish we had had the time to stay a little longer. My husband and I plan to go down there sometime in the future for a long weekend.

Liam was such a doll! He rarely fussed and was usually all smiles despite the fact that most days we were driving for hours on end. We had the portable DVD player going most of the time entertaining him with his very favorite movie Pride and Prejudice. Liam loves that movie and watched it so attentively.

Both of our dogs were very well behaved. They spent most of their time sleeping which isn't anything new to them.

My husband was just thrilled about my plan to tour Canada's Value Village stores (a usually great source of second hand goodness). Oliver has a slight case of second hand phobia and is never terribly happy about my need to check out each and every second hand store we come across. I visited a Value Village store every day on our trip, sometimes I was lucky enough to visit more than one. So of course all of my souvenirs for the trip are vintage! I found so many fantabulous deals! So many pretty things for my collections!

I am so happy our drive is now over and we're in my favorite Canadian province, Nova Scotia. I love it here and already feel so at home, as if I've always belonged here. I don't miss BC at all! I do however miss my husband's brother's family, especially his daughters and I hope they will one day be able to visit!

Nova Scotia is so different from BC. The people are friendlier here. The lifestyle is slower paced, people aren't in a hurry like they are in BC. There is far less traffic, I doubt Nova Scotia has ever had a traffic jam. The buildings and houses are mostly old here, most at least 100 years in age. Some are run down others not so much. But I like that, I like the character and history of Nova Scotia's architecture. BC is so new, I don't like new. I love the small towns and villages here. In BC there are more large cities where people rarely take the time to get to know one another. Yes, I am sure that this is where I belong.

As for my artwork and Etsy..... I'm going to put my artwork on hold for a bit. Right now I am staying at my parent's place in the country and all of my belongings are packed in boxes sitting in the hay loft of my parent's barn. I will continue to sell original art on Etsy. I have a ton of artwork that isn't yet on Etsy and I have located the box it's packed in so I can keep that all going. But making art right now would mean pulling out all of my supplies and then having to re-pack them once it was time to move into our new place which is too much of a hassle right now. So Etsy will continue to thrive :). I won't be offering prints for now, just originals.

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Cotton Picker said...

I had the pleasure of visiting Nova Scotia a few years ago. I agree, the folks there are really friendly. I live north of Toronto and to me, NS is a totally different world. Hubby and I plan to go back for a visit soon.