Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farmer Me

With my farm girl apparel on (pajamas and rubber wellies) I thought I'd take a few quick pictures before darkness interupts my creative process. My husband, son, two dogs and I are all staying at my parents in the country while our new home in town undergoes renovations. I haven't had alot of time outside yet with a few rainy days and a little one to take care of but this evening the rain let up and out I went for a few minutes of visiting with the horses and some picture taking.
The above picture is of my parents back fields. Pretty isn't it? Their property ends a ways back behind the woods. The weather while wet lately has been fairly warm and I haven't needed a coat when venturing outside. The horses in the pictures following are my mum's old girls "Ambra" and "Sierra''. Ambra is an Arab and Sierra an Anglo-Arab. Liam loves the horses and really get's a kick out of stroking their necks and faces. His mummy is hoping he'll turn out to be a real little cowboy when he's older! I so look forward to teaching him to ride!

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Miss*Laurence said...

I'm glad you're finally there, what a long journey! I read the last 3 posts, and love your house, it looks so traditional to me, I love the floorborads, and what a lot of land you have with it!
I know what it feels starting the garden from scratch, I had to do that here, and it's not as big as yours, but believe me it sure is an investment when you have to get everything from pots to tools to plants...
I wish you a wonderful time and life in your new house!!