Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Busy I Can't Even Provide a Picture for This Post!

Oh my goodness am I ever busy! I have till just a bit before the end of the month to pack all of our stuff for our move from BC to Nova Scotia. And there's still soooooo much to do! I'm pretty much doing it all myself, my husband has to work on a reno job right now and that leaves me with an Etsy shop to run, a baby to care for, a house to clean, and a whole lotta junk to pack! And if that weren't bad enough, before the month is up we are going to have a huge garage sale to sell off hopefully at least half of our stuff. That means that I don't just have to pack, I have to unpack everything in storage, sort it, sort everything not in storage, then decide exactly what goes to Nova Scotia with us, what goes to the garage sale, what goes in the garbage and what goes to the second hand store. I have to do all of this in a tiny tiny tiny house with a one year old baby milling about the boxes and junk deciding just what to play with and what to destroy while mummys not paying close attention! Liam loves to unpack after I pack each box and then while I try to repack he enjoys quickly unpacking what I just repacked! It's a long process :)

It's tough getting rid of some things but at the same time I look forward to not having to think of needing storage space once we're moved. I'm really clearing things out! Anyone who shows up at my garage sale will be pleasantly surprised at the mass of very nice and well cared for treasures! No junk at this junk sale!


casserole said...

Oh girl, you've got a lot going on, don't you? Hang in there!!

Miss*Laurence said...

You're moving?
That exciting and exhausting! I liked sorting out stuff before we moved. The thing is you think you're making an impact, you look happily at your bags of " not for us any more" ... but when you arrive at your new place you wonder why you kept this or that all the same!
Shame I'm too far for the garage sale. Any nice cups I should know about?