Monday, April 21, 2008

Garage Sale

Well, the garage sale was a huge success! We had it this weekend and made a little over $800 selling mostly $1 and $2 items! It was a great deal of work and boy was I ever tired when all was said and done but I did enjoy myself. So many nice people came and I really enjoyed chatting and helping out my customers. One little boy, maybe 11 or 12 years of age wanted a computer game. I was selling the game itself plus 3 expansions for the game. His grandpa was going to buy him one of the games which I was selling for $5 so I threw in the 3 expansions for free and you should have seen his face light up! He was adorable! And so polite and sweet! He gave me such an excited and very happy thankyou which made the whole garage sale worth while :) . My sister and her husband showed up on Sunday and sold some of their things. They are moving as well (not to Nova Scotia though) and needed to downsize their collection of odds and ends. But, Holly (my sister) and I wound up trading items back and forth. She walked away with a set of my dishes as well as a few other decorative items and I came away from her selection of goods with a fabulous burnt orange oriental carpet and some craft supplies as well as a little Appaloosa horse pin that I couldn't resist being an Appaloosa lover. After the sale was over and Holly and Sean were on there way home, my husband and I took what was left to Value Village (our local second hand store) and I had just enough time before the store closed to snatch up some lovely old doilies as well as two fabulous lime green rice bowls that I just HAD to have. Next we drove over to my husband's brother's house for a visit and to do our van's brakes for our trip to Nova Scotia. We had a very busy but wonderful day that I enjoyed so very much!

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Miss*Laurence said...

Great to hear about your success! I see you are good at travelling light!
I wish I could have a garage sale... but then I'd have to buy more stuff to fill the empty boxes again!
Don't forget to show us your new home!