Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last Post Till I'm in Nova Scotia!

Well, this is the last post I'll be writing in my current mess of a home in BC Canada! After I finish typing this up I'll be moving out of the way so my husband can take our computer apart and stick it back in it's box. I might be able to get a post in while on the road with my laptop but I won't make any promises. Tommorow the movers come and take our stuff away and then we'll be on the road! I'm sure not looking forward to this drive! I hate long drives and boy will this be a long one! I'll be sure to post as soon as I'm able and let you all know how things went! Till then ....... lot's of love to you all!


Erraticus Zine, You MUST See it!

Just recently I found in my mailbox a wonderful surprise! Erraticus zine! Have you seen it!? You must see it because it is fabulous! It's a little magazine full of beautiful artwork put together in such a way that it gave me instant inspiration. Unfortunately all of my art supplies are packed now! But seriously! I LOVE Erraticus! It's lovely! It is put together by only ONE person!Melissa McCobb Hubbell creates this piece of joy right out of her home and prints it up on her printer. How fabulous is THAT!? And the really exciting part for me? Melissa contacted me a while back about my artwork and asked if I would mind her including it in Erraticus! So, the little piece of joy that arrived in my mailbox has two pages featuring some of my collages! Neat huh?! I'm so flattered! I think I will probably subscribe once I make it to Nova Scotia, I like it that much!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Garage Sale

Well, the garage sale was a huge success! We had it this weekend and made a little over $800 selling mostly $1 and $2 items! It was a great deal of work and boy was I ever tired when all was said and done but I did enjoy myself. So many nice people came and I really enjoyed chatting and helping out my customers. One little boy, maybe 11 or 12 years of age wanted a computer game. I was selling the game itself plus 3 expansions for the game. His grandpa was going to buy him one of the games which I was selling for $5 so I threw in the 3 expansions for free and you should have seen his face light up! He was adorable! And so polite and sweet! He gave me such an excited and very happy thankyou which made the whole garage sale worth while :) . My sister and her husband showed up on Sunday and sold some of their things. They are moving as well (not to Nova Scotia though) and needed to downsize their collection of odds and ends. But, Holly (my sister) and I wound up trading items back and forth. She walked away with a set of my dishes as well as a few other decorative items and I came away from her selection of goods with a fabulous burnt orange oriental carpet and some craft supplies as well as a little Appaloosa horse pin that I couldn't resist being an Appaloosa lover. After the sale was over and Holly and Sean were on there way home, my husband and I took what was left to Value Village (our local second hand store) and I had just enough time before the store closed to snatch up some lovely old doilies as well as two fabulous lime green rice bowls that I just HAD to have. Next we drove over to my husband's brother's house for a visit and to do our van's brakes for our trip to Nova Scotia. We had a very busy but wonderful day that I enjoyed so very much!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Chubby One Finger

Is that picture too adorable or what!? Sorry, I'm being a mum right now and loving babies. I was taking a brake from packing by looking at a bit of Etsy when I happened across that lovely picture and I felt like sharing it. If you'd like to have it on a note card you can get it from Jennifer Boston on Etsy HERE.
I love chubby baby hands! When I was pregnant with my little bug one of the things I looked forward to the most was touching his hands. They were so small and chubby. Now of coarse they're huge and chubby because he's monster baby :) He likes to point at things right now with his cute little one finger. That's what we call it, his one finger, as if it's the only one he has :)! He points at everything, and if I want to make him smile all I have to do is kiss the end of that one finger and he immediately grins because his mummy is so very funny! Being a mum is pure joy, even on the tough days when you don't want to get out of bed (at least for me it is).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Busy I Can't Even Provide a Picture for This Post!

Oh my goodness am I ever busy! I have till just a bit before the end of the month to pack all of our stuff for our move from BC to Nova Scotia. And there's still soooooo much to do! I'm pretty much doing it all myself, my husband has to work on a reno job right now and that leaves me with an Etsy shop to run, a baby to care for, a house to clean, and a whole lotta junk to pack! And if that weren't bad enough, before the month is up we are going to have a huge garage sale to sell off hopefully at least half of our stuff. That means that I don't just have to pack, I have to unpack everything in storage, sort it, sort everything not in storage, then decide exactly what goes to Nova Scotia with us, what goes to the garage sale, what goes in the garbage and what goes to the second hand store. I have to do all of this in a tiny tiny tiny house with a one year old baby milling about the boxes and junk deciding just what to play with and what to destroy while mummys not paying close attention! Liam loves to unpack after I pack each box and then while I try to repack he enjoys quickly unpacking what I just repacked! It's a long process :)

It's tough getting rid of some things but at the same time I look forward to not having to think of needing storage space once we're moved. I'm really clearing things out! Anyone who shows up at my garage sale will be pleasantly surprised at the mass of very nice and well cared for treasures! No junk at this junk sale!