Monday, March 24, 2008

Such a Lovely Weekend to be Sure!

I had a very nice weekend! It was busy to be sure but I enjoyed it so! My sister Holly and her husband Sean came down from Pemberton (near Whistler BC) to stay for the weekend and we went out and had a lovely time. We ate at a favorite restaurant where they had some sort of a kitchen mishap and because they were so busy at the time everyone in the restaurant had to wait quite a while for their food. This actually turned out to be a good thing though since I had ordered a rather expensive meal and we wound up getting 40% off our entire bill because of the wait! The manager was very nice and I felt so badly for him having to go around and apologize to everyone in the restaurant. I hope there weren't any mean customers for him to deal with as it wasn't his fault and I can only imagine what a tough job it would be to have to deal with cranky customers.
My sister and I went shopping at our favorite second hand store and I came home with a number of gorgeous treasures! In the pictures above you can see them. I found a lovely tea-cup, a little sugar bowl, a huge and absolutely gorgeous dark pink Indian sari covered in embroidery, beads and sequins, a large amount of shear pale pink fabric with dark pink and yellow roses, 6 lovely white crocheted doilies (not shown in the pictures) and a fantastic vintage metal alarm clock made in France (also not shown in the pictures). We also stopped at the scrapbook store and I picked out some new ribbons that are all fabulous!
My husband and Sean went to various stores and did some window shopping and when they came back they presented each of us (my sister and I) with the most beautiful roses! How lucky I feel to have such a thoughtful husband! He also bought me some new bath towels for the bathroom in a lovely pale creamy yellow that looks so very nice with our shower curtain :)

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