Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somerset Studio Submissions

I've decided to try submitting artwork to Somerset Studios magazine. The above images are pictures of my "Vintage Halloween" submissions. The top picture is a collaged portrait that I did with Lizzie Borden in mind. Lizzie Borden has always been a person I have found interesting and considering that she supposedly murdered her parents with an axe many years ago I figured she would make a good vintage Halloween theme for my art. The other piece is in person a very textured painting. I used cardboard, embossed papers, buttons and tissue paper to make the background and then painted over it in acrylics. Both paintings were done on canvas board, the Lizzie Borden collage is 8x10 in size and the other is 5x7.

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ValGalArt said...

Both of these pieces are amazing! I thought the first one was images tacked up on a tree! The background really reminded me of being in the woods. I have always been fascinated by Lizzie Borden too! The second one does have trees and birds and is really wonderful too! Love both and I sure think Somerset would love them! Good luck on your wonderful adventure! I hope to stay tuned and see what you are up to.