Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Second-hand Goodness

If you're anything like me you love second hand stores! I personally prefer not to buy my clothes at these stores as I like having the knowledge that I'm the only one that's been in my clothes. I do however LOVE to look for special little treasures like dishes, old tins, and other lovelies just needing a good cleaning to bring them back to life. The above pictures are of some of my favorite finds over the past few months. I only get to go to these stores when my sister is in town for a visit because my husband has "Ew! The used thing touched me! Hand me a handywipe!" syndrome and he refuses to make trips to my favorite old things store (I don't drive and we only have one vehicle anyway). My best buy is sort of visable in the third picture above, it's a vintage suitcase! It cost only $5.99 and is in pretty good condition, not a thing broken on it!


GardenGoose said...

what lovely finds.

Don & Debby said...

Your plates and stuff are very pretty. But I'll bet you are getting ready to pack these things away for a bit until your little bug isn't little anymore. Or will you crazy glue them to the ceiling so that you can still admire them?