Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hugely Big Good News!

Wow! So much has happened here in the last week! All three of us are down with a bad cold, AGAIN! So I'm sitting around trying to ignore my aches and pains. My husband quit his job because his boss was intolerable and verbally abusive. Ever since he quit he has been so much more pleasant to be around. The constant abuse he suffered at work was beginning to affect his mood at home. He's quite a bit happier now and I'm so very happy for him. Apparently a great many of the guys he was working with are currently searching out new employment for the very same reason!
But the biggest news of all is that we have decided to move! Not just across town though, no, we are moving across country! We have made the big decision to pack up and drive to Nova Scotia! We are sick and tired of living in BC, land of NO oportunity. Did you know that the average house in BC now costs about 1 million dollars?!! How crazy is that?! There is no future for us here, even if we worked our bottoms off and saved every single penny we would never be able to afford a home in BC. Most people, unless they start out with a good deal of money have no future in BC. We want a home of our own and would also like to have another baby before I turn 30, it's possible in Nova Scotia. We are going to sell most of our things (I'm keeping all of my vintage pretties and art stuff of coarse) and then we are going to rent a U-Haul trailer and drive the looooooooooong drive to our new home! We don't have a job or house waiting for us but there is plenty of work for people with my husband's experiance and rental houses aren't hard to come by there. We'll stay at my parent's for the first little while until we find a house and job.
I'll still be making art up until it's time for us to move and my Etsy shop will remain open. My husband has a renovation job to do before we leave so we have some cash for the trip and so we can trade in our van for something more reliable. We should be leaving in about a month and a half. I will set my computer, printer and scanner up at my parent's so that I can keep my art and Etsy going uninterupted, well except of course for the time we're driving there. It will probably be a 12 day drive, I think. Exciting huh?


ElegantSnobbery said...

What an exciting time for you all! We did a very similar thing almost two years ago. My husband hated his job in CA, and my family lives in Texas, so he quit, and we just picked up and moved.

Good luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes these life changes can be a little difficult in the process of doing them, but once you're through them, and out on the other side, you find yourself a better, improved person. And me, I'm a firm believer in the Cheryl Crow song..."A change will do You good!" Look at me, I left job, family, home in the States and up and moved to France!!! YIKES!!!!!