Sunday, March 9, 2008

Etsy Shop Update and Plenty of New Artwork!

The above images are of artwork created since the last time I posted on my blog. Some are ACEOs some are on canvas board and others were done on stretched canvas. Many are available on Etsy if you see something you like feel free to hop on over there and check them out! Also remember that all of the images on my blog are clickable for a larger view :)
In other news, I'm currently trying (or still trying I should say) to figure out commission pricing. I must admit that it is incredibly difficult to decide on such a thing! Commissions usually cost more than already made work but at the same time I charge very little for already made work as it is because I'm new in the world of professional art and I think it's best to start out incredibly affordable. I know that currently there is no way I'm being paid for my time, which doesn't bother me because I realize that to be successful you sometimes have to start out making next to nothing. But I also don't want to do commisions for too little because they are much more difficult to do (at least for me). Such thoughts are a jumble in my mind and I feel as though I will burst! The good news is that I own a very good broom and a good strong vacuum so if I do happen to burst, my husband won't have too much trouble with clean-up!

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GardenGoose said...

all are so very pretty.