Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here they are, the project I spoke of in my last post but didn't have pictures for. I managed to take some decent photos and couldn't wait to get them on the internet! These little birds are called Nestlings, I sculpted them from paperclay which I then hand-painted in acrylics. The nests are made of bits and pieces of yarn, ribbons, buttons, lace and other such lovlies. The white velvet leaves are vintage. Each nestling is different and I plan on making more of them as soon as I can get a chance. My favorite is the blue one which I've named Henry :)

A New Product in the Works!

I've been busy trying to come up with ideas for various items to sell on Etsy lately. So far I've managed to think up two new ideas which I hope will be well recieved. The first is sort of like a dreamcatcher but not exactly. I've done five so far and am still working out the bugs and trying to improve on them. The above pictures are of 4 of the five. The pale pink and white one was my first attempt. I wasn't completly happy with it so I moved on to the next which was the last picture shown, the pale purple and white. That one turned out nicely but I think I could do better. The other two, rather brightly colored ones were my fourth and fifth tries and I'm already much happier with these. I think I still need to stop at the craft store and pick up more supplies including some more little birds and more beads.
The next project doesn't have pictures yet so I'm keeping it under wraps until I can take some decent photos of them. I will say though that I really like the results of this particular project and I think other people will probably like them too :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Such a Lovely Weekend to be Sure!

I had a very nice weekend! It was busy to be sure but I enjoyed it so! My sister Holly and her husband Sean came down from Pemberton (near Whistler BC) to stay for the weekend and we went out and had a lovely time. We ate at a favorite restaurant where they had some sort of a kitchen mishap and because they were so busy at the time everyone in the restaurant had to wait quite a while for their food. This actually turned out to be a good thing though since I had ordered a rather expensive meal and we wound up getting 40% off our entire bill because of the wait! The manager was very nice and I felt so badly for him having to go around and apologize to everyone in the restaurant. I hope there weren't any mean customers for him to deal with as it wasn't his fault and I can only imagine what a tough job it would be to have to deal with cranky customers.
My sister and I went shopping at our favorite second hand store and I came home with a number of gorgeous treasures! In the pictures above you can see them. I found a lovely tea-cup, a little sugar bowl, a huge and absolutely gorgeous dark pink Indian sari covered in embroidery, beads and sequins, a large amount of shear pale pink fabric with dark pink and yellow roses, 6 lovely white crocheted doilies (not shown in the pictures) and a fantastic vintage metal alarm clock made in France (also not shown in the pictures). We also stopped at the scrapbook store and I picked out some new ribbons that are all fabulous!
My husband and Sean went to various stores and did some window shopping and when they came back they presented each of us (my sister and I) with the most beautiful roses! How lucky I feel to have such a thoughtful husband! He also bought me some new bath towels for the bathroom in a lovely pale creamy yellow that looks so very nice with our shower curtain :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Goodies Added to Etsy!

Last night I added the above collages to Etsy. They are all originals and are for sale at great low prices! The pink flamingo is already sold but the rest are still available. Click HERE to go check them all out :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somerset Studio Submissions

I've decided to try submitting artwork to Somerset Studios magazine. The above images are pictures of my "Vintage Halloween" submissions. The top picture is a collaged portrait that I did with Lizzie Borden in mind. Lizzie Borden has always been a person I have found interesting and considering that she supposedly murdered her parents with an axe many years ago I figured she would make a good vintage Halloween theme for my art. The other piece is in person a very textured painting. I used cardboard, embossed papers, buttons and tissue paper to make the background and then painted over it in acrylics. Both paintings were done on canvas board, the Lizzie Borden collage is 8x10 in size and the other is 5x7.

Hugely Big Good News!

Wow! So much has happened here in the last week! All three of us are down with a bad cold, AGAIN! So I'm sitting around trying to ignore my aches and pains. My husband quit his job because his boss was intolerable and verbally abusive. Ever since he quit he has been so much more pleasant to be around. The constant abuse he suffered at work was beginning to affect his mood at home. He's quite a bit happier now and I'm so very happy for him. Apparently a great many of the guys he was working with are currently searching out new employment for the very same reason!
But the biggest news of all is that we have decided to move! Not just across town though, no, we are moving across country! We have made the big decision to pack up and drive to Nova Scotia! We are sick and tired of living in BC, land of NO oportunity. Did you know that the average house in BC now costs about 1 million dollars?!! How crazy is that?! There is no future for us here, even if we worked our bottoms off and saved every single penny we would never be able to afford a home in BC. Most people, unless they start out with a good deal of money have no future in BC. We want a home of our own and would also like to have another baby before I turn 30, it's possible in Nova Scotia. We are going to sell most of our things (I'm keeping all of my vintage pretties and art stuff of coarse) and then we are going to rent a U-Haul trailer and drive the looooooooooong drive to our new home! We don't have a job or house waiting for us but there is plenty of work for people with my husband's experiance and rental houses aren't hard to come by there. We'll stay at my parent's for the first little while until we find a house and job.
I'll still be making art up until it's time for us to move and my Etsy shop will remain open. My husband has a renovation job to do before we leave so we have some cash for the trip and so we can trade in our van for something more reliable. We should be leaving in about a month and a half. I will set my computer, printer and scanner up at my parent's so that I can keep my art and Etsy going uninterupted, well except of course for the time we're driving there. It will probably be a 12 day drive, I think. Exciting huh?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Second-hand Goodness

If you're anything like me you love second hand stores! I personally prefer not to buy my clothes at these stores as I like having the knowledge that I'm the only one that's been in my clothes. I do however LOVE to look for special little treasures like dishes, old tins, and other lovelies just needing a good cleaning to bring them back to life. The above pictures are of some of my favorite finds over the past few months. I only get to go to these stores when my sister is in town for a visit because my husband has "Ew! The used thing touched me! Hand me a handywipe!" syndrome and he refuses to make trips to my favorite old things store (I don't drive and we only have one vehicle anyway). My best buy is sort of visable in the third picture above, it's a vintage suitcase! It cost only $5.99 and is in pretty good condition, not a thing broken on it!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Etsy Shop Update and Plenty of New Artwork!

The above images are of artwork created since the last time I posted on my blog. Some are ACEOs some are on canvas board and others were done on stretched canvas. Many are available on Etsy if you see something you like feel free to hop on over there and check them out! Also remember that all of the images on my blog are clickable for a larger view :)
In other news, I'm currently trying (or still trying I should say) to figure out commission pricing. I must admit that it is incredibly difficult to decide on such a thing! Commissions usually cost more than already made work but at the same time I charge very little for already made work as it is because I'm new in the world of professional art and I think it's best to start out incredibly affordable. I know that currently there is no way I'm being paid for my time, which doesn't bother me because I realize that to be successful you sometimes have to start out making next to nothing. But I also don't want to do commisions for too little because they are much more difficult to do (at least for me). Such thoughts are a jumble in my mind and I feel as though I will burst! The good news is that I own a very good broom and a good strong vacuum so if I do happen to burst, my husband won't have too much trouble with clean-up!

Illustration Friday.....My First Time!

I've never participated in Illustration Friday before. Partly because I've never had the time and partly because I as of yet hadn't really been inspired by any of the topics chosen. But when I saw that this week's theme was "garden" I knew that this was my week to try it out! If you've seen my artwork in the past you've probably already figured out that I love flowers. I think my scrapbook paper stash has more floral prints in it than anything else and I love anything to do with roses. The above image is my contribution to this week's Illustration Friday. Enjoy!