Saturday, February 9, 2008

NOW OPEN!!!! New website and Etsy shop!

I know I know, I said Sunday, but I got everything finished faster than I thought I would so I've opened up my new website and Etsy shop a wee bit early. Please check it out, I worked soooooo hard on them both :). The website is full of new artwork never before seen and I did all of the graphics myself.

The prints I'm offering from my Etsy shop are reasonably priced and high quallity. I've tried to keep postage costs as low as possible as well so my work will be affordable. I plan on offering originals for sale in the future, but right now I'm just going to sell prints to get myself used to the workings of everything and then when I'm ready to I'll sell some of my originals. Soooooo nervous am I! It's one thing to post pictures to the internet but it's another thing entirely to offer artwork for sale.

I doubt I would have ever even considered doing it if it weren't for my little guy and my desire to buy a house to raise him in. All of the money I make selling art is going into savings so I can one day buy a house and get out of the misery that is renting. Wouldn't that be so lovely?! Our rent costs more than most people's mortgage payments! I can't wait for my dream to some day be a reality!

Check out the website HERE

Check out my Etsy shop HERE

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