Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gypsy Cob Painting and Website News!

Yesterday I started my quest to lose weight. I'm eating SUPER healthy, drinking plenty of water, and doing a half hour of pilates twice a day plus 100 crunches everyday. So far I'm tired but I already feel better than usual. I feel so positive about this and I'm feeling happier knowing that I'm doing something that is not only good for me but also good for my son because a happier mummy means a happier baby :). So right now I'm snacking on raw brocolli, carrots, plain almonds and gogii berries (SP?).

I got a painting finished today! The above picture is of a chestnut Gypsy Cob mare on a floral patchwork background. The horse was done in acrylics and colored pencils on paper and the background is made up of floral patterned papers patched together in Photoshop.

On Sunday I will officially be opening my new website and my new Etsy shop! I'm nervous about it but hopefully all will go well :)


Miss*Laurence said...

Wow, 100 crunches a day???? Maybe that's what I need! In fact I think I'll join you on this one, let's keep each other motivated!
I've never had broccoli raw, but love it cold very lightly steamed with cauliflower.
Can't wait for your website!

Danielle said...

awesome! i just emailed you about one of your paintings.. so happy you are opening a shop!