Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Boy Shoes and Baby Books

Look what Liam's daddy brought home for him (pictures above)! His first pair of real big boy shoes! He still doesn't know what to do with himself when wearing them. He no longer tries to walk, instead he now marches because he finds his big clunky feet to be very awkward :)

Here's what my first baby book page looks like. Liam was bundled in a yellow towel after he was born so I painted him like that for his book. It's not 100% finished but I figured I'd show it anyway. I'm working on this book very slowly, hopefully it'll be done before his 20th birthday (he's not yet one year of age) :)


freebird said...

That is a wonderful baby book. He will love it when he grows up and sees what his mum did for him.

Don & Debby said...

Liams baby book is going to be wonderful Kim, but I think it is surpassed by the wonderful little boy you and Oliver made. I wish I could see him stomping around in his new big boy shoes. I'll bet grandma will be happy now eh?

Love from Momxxx

jenny holiday said...

Ohhh he is so so beautiful!! My goodness!! And those have to be the coolest baby shoes ever!!! (big boy baby shoes) : )

I can totally imagine his marching!!

Just adorable!!!

xoxo Jenny

Kristina said...

beautiful page! I'd love to see more of your pages for his book. baby books inspire me to get cracking on one for my son (who just turned 1 1/2!).