Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

The 7th commenter, Martha! I'll be getting in touch with you sometime tommorow to get your shipping info. Congratulations :)

Thankyou to everyone for entering my give away! I never thought so many people would enter! If you didn't win and are wanting a print please check out my Etsy shop HERE. The three prints from the give away plus many more are available there for a nice low price :).

Also I thought I'd share some new work with you all. The above pictures were just finished! First we have a brindle and white Whippet curled up in his blanket. This one is mixed media all the way! The dog was done in acrylics and colored pencil on paper and then cut out. I then strategically placed a tea towel around the paper cut out on my scanner and scanned them. Then I used my computer to make the pretty patchwork background and stuck it all together in Photoshop. The other piece is an adorable English gentleman bunny named Sir Edmund Bunny. I may offer prints of these two in the near future. In the works right now are another Whippet and a pink flamingo. Enjoy :)


Curious Art said...

Hello fellow curious one! It's nice to meet another Alice fan. There are quite a few of us here in IF land! I've enjoyed looking at all your work & family pix, great stuff.


Martha said...

I am so very excited!!! Yippee!!! How'd I get so lucky!!?? Stars must have been properly alligned. :o)