Saturday, February 23, 2008

ACEOs and other such lovlies on Etsy!

Yes, I have once again updated my shop. I decided to also offer ACEOs in original and print form for those of us who are close to pennyless and would like some cheap art. So far I just have originals to offer but when I have some time I will offer tiny prints as well. You can see the available artwork in the above pictures. I really enjoy making these tiny works of art! The small size is so fun to work with. I especially enjoyed the little landscapes. I plan on doing more of these as well as other themed ACEOs. For anyone wondering an ACEO is just like an artist trading card but it is for selling rather than trading.
I also added another 5x7 collage to Etsy, this time the subject is a bunny! You can check all of my new art on ETSY HERE.


GardenGoose said...

lovely artwork.have added your blog to my faves on my blog site.
hope you'll stop by sometime.
~Tina/ Town Living Magazine)

Laura said...

Hi Kim, I came across your work on Flickr (ACEO to go I believe) and decided to come and visit your blog. Your work is lovely and whimsical, just my style - I love all the different elements you use. I'd like to link to you if that's ok :)

Take care,

GardenGoose said...

stopping by to invite you over to my blog for some fun giveaway drawings in celebration of Leap yr. day. hope you'll stop by.