Saturday, February 23, 2008

ACEOs and other such lovlies on Etsy!

Yes, I have once again updated my shop. I decided to also offer ACEOs in original and print form for those of us who are close to pennyless and would like some cheap art. So far I just have originals to offer but when I have some time I will offer tiny prints as well. You can see the available artwork in the above pictures. I really enjoy making these tiny works of art! The small size is so fun to work with. I especially enjoyed the little landscapes. I plan on doing more of these as well as other themed ACEOs. For anyone wondering an ACEO is just like an artist trading card but it is for selling rather than trading.
I also added another 5x7 collage to Etsy, this time the subject is a bunny! You can check all of my new art on ETSY HERE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Artwork and Originals on Etsy!

Just a new artwork update this time around! The pink flamingo is a painting I recently finished which is available as an 8x10 print on Etsy. The other pictures are of two 5x7 collages I just finished today. The original collages (not prints) are both available in my Etsy shop HERE. Both collages are priced very low. That's it, for now at least!

Oh....What a Lovely Day!

Today was SUCH a nice day! I worked on some collages, spent time with my little bug who was in such a cheerful mood, did my usual workout routine and then I managed to get in a half hour walk before it got dark. On my walk I visited with a sweet little bay weanling Quarter Horse and an adorable Miniature Donkey. These two are always willing to visit when I walk by, they are both super sweet. Liam also seemed to enjoy them :). I also found another bird nest to add to my collection. Definately a lovely day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

The 7th commenter, Martha! I'll be getting in touch with you sometime tommorow to get your shipping info. Congratulations :)

Thankyou to everyone for entering my give away! I never thought so many people would enter! If you didn't win and are wanting a print please check out my Etsy shop HERE. The three prints from the give away plus many more are available there for a nice low price :).

Also I thought I'd share some new work with you all. The above pictures were just finished! First we have a brindle and white Whippet curled up in his blanket. This one is mixed media all the way! The dog was done in acrylics and colored pencil on paper and then cut out. I then strategically placed a tea towel around the paper cut out on my scanner and scanned them. Then I used my computer to make the pretty patchwork background and stuck it all together in Photoshop. The other piece is an adorable English gentleman bunny named Sir Edmund Bunny. I may offer prints of these two in the near future. In the works right now are another Whippet and a pink flamingo. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Artist I Would Like to Share With You....

I don't normally do this but I really wanted to share someone else's artwork with you this time around. I came across a wonderful painter a while back named Ken Swinson whose work is in my opinion perfectly charming. I first was lucky enough to see his work on Flickr and then later on his website. Why do I love his work? It makes me happy and when I look at it it reminds me of my visit to Nova Scotia and of the countryside there and of the little old house I hope to someday own. You can check out his artwork HERE if you'd like and who knows, you may just love it as much as I do!
Also check out Ken's work on Flickr at usartdude. Now I just need to make myself "un-poor" so I can afford to buy some of it :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Etsy Shop and New Work

Boy oh boy, I've had some really frazzled nerves over the weekend and on Monday as well. Etsy is exciting but intimidating! But I'm starting to feel a little more calm now and am trying to just focus on work and taking care of my son. I keep telling myself that everything will work out and that I just have to be calm and patient, nothing happens over night.

This morning I walked into Liam's room and low and behold, he stood up in his crib all by himself! It's his first time standing up without help and he did it so easily! Next thing you know he'll be taking out the trash for his mum :).

I finished some new work today. It incorporates some past collages with new stuff. I added these to my Etsy shop as 8x10 Prints HERE . Well, back to work! Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Artwork!

This is a painting I finished last night just in time to list a print of it to Etsy! Just thought I'd share :)

NOW OPEN!!!! New website and Etsy shop!

I know I know, I said Sunday, but I got everything finished faster than I thought I would so I've opened up my new website and Etsy shop a wee bit early. Please check it out, I worked soooooo hard on them both :). The website is full of new artwork never before seen and I did all of the graphics myself.

The prints I'm offering from my Etsy shop are reasonably priced and high quallity. I've tried to keep postage costs as low as possible as well so my work will be affordable. I plan on offering originals for sale in the future, but right now I'm just going to sell prints to get myself used to the workings of everything and then when I'm ready to I'll sell some of my originals. Soooooo nervous am I! It's one thing to post pictures to the internet but it's another thing entirely to offer artwork for sale.

I doubt I would have ever even considered doing it if it weren't for my little guy and my desire to buy a house to raise him in. All of the money I make selling art is going into savings so I can one day buy a house and get out of the misery that is renting. Wouldn't that be so lovely?! Our rent costs more than most people's mortgage payments! I can't wait for my dream to some day be a reality!

Check out the website HERE

Check out my Etsy shop HERE

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Quick Pictureless Post!

HA HA! I lost two pounds! Two pounds in two days, I'm well on my way now and am feeling overly confident! I just finished a half hour of pilates and am eagerly awaiting the next set later today. And, I'm going to do something most women would never ever do.... I'm going to tell my current weight! Because what's the point in posting about weight loss excitement if I don't tell what my weight is in the first place? Sooooooo, here goes, I currently weigh 145 pounds! A little embarrasing but my goal is to lose AT LEAST 20 pounds, although I wouldn't be at all unhappy if I lost more than that :). So there you go, I'm going to keep my blog updated on my progress. Maybe I'll post my weight every week. I was so excited after weighing myself that I phoned my husband at work just to tell him the good news :).

Big Boy Shoes and Baby Books

Look what Liam's daddy brought home for him (pictures above)! His first pair of real big boy shoes! He still doesn't know what to do with himself when wearing them. He no longer tries to walk, instead he now marches because he finds his big clunky feet to be very awkward :)

Here's what my first baby book page looks like. Liam was bundled in a yellow towel after he was born so I painted him like that for his book. It's not 100% finished but I figured I'd show it anyway. I'm working on this book very slowly, hopefully it'll be done before his 20th birthday (he's not yet one year of age) :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One World One Heart Giveaway Event 2008

I love joining in on fun blog events and when I read Laurence's last comment on my blog I decided to go take a look at her giveaway. It sounds like fun so I'm going to join in as well :). To find out more about this blog giveaway event click HERE. The event is called the "One World One Heart Event".

My giveaway is one high quality 8.5 x 11 print of one of the above three images. There is one winner and the winner can choose one of the three. If you don't happen to win but are still wanting a print check out my Etsy shop HERE for a large selection of available prints including the above three!

The cut-off date for entering is the 13th of February at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. To enter simply leave a comment on this post. The winner's name will be randomly drawn out of a box by my son :) . I will post the name of the winner on my blog sometime on the 14th.

Gypsy Cob Painting and Website News!

Yesterday I started my quest to lose weight. I'm eating SUPER healthy, drinking plenty of water, and doing a half hour of pilates twice a day plus 100 crunches everyday. So far I'm tired but I already feel better than usual. I feel so positive about this and I'm feeling happier knowing that I'm doing something that is not only good for me but also good for my son because a happier mummy means a happier baby :). So right now I'm snacking on raw brocolli, carrots, plain almonds and gogii berries (SP?).

I got a painting finished today! The above picture is of a chestnut Gypsy Cob mare on a floral patchwork background. The horse was done in acrylics and colored pencils on paper and the background is made up of floral patterned papers patched together in Photoshop.

On Sunday I will officially be opening my new website and my new Etsy shop! I'm nervous about it but hopefully all will go well :)