Saturday, January 26, 2008

Somerset Life and Studio Goodness!

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my husband! We went to Chapters today (a large bookstore that I'm very fond of) and I came across the latest copy of Somerset Studio magazine. What was inside? Well, it just happened to be full of Marie Antoinette themed lovelies! And an article on Sally Jean whose collages I really like :)! So of course I'm standing there in a huge busy store beaming and telling my equally happy son (who's strapped into his stroller) how lucky his mummy is to have found such a treasure when I spot something hidden behind some terribly droll modern art magazines. Could it be? It is! It's Somerset Life! Now I'm sure you're thinking "what a happy discovery!" you couldn't be more wrong! OH NO! Not another wonderful magazine that I just have to have! This was SO not good! Moments earlier, before we walked in the door, my dear husband told me that I could only have one magazine! So there I was staring sadly at two equally fabulous magazines and I had a terribly difficult choice before me, which one do I buy? Of course I choose Somerset Studio because it's cheaper and it has Marie Antoinette, but I'm so sad. How could I walk away from something so grand? So perfect? So......ME!? It was full of lovely things, so many of the things I love, French flea markets, vintage this and vintage that. But I did it, I put Somerset Life down and walked away. But, that is not the end of my story. No, there's more. This is where the story turns dark, shameful and oh so wrong. I did what I sadly do far more often than I should. I stepped into my phone booth (all in my imagination of course , there wasn't really a phone booth) and put on my cape and mask and out popped Super Kim, my secret power? Manipulation with a capital M! Yes, I did what only the naughty wives do, I put on my pout and big sad eyes and went looking for my husband to tell him my sad sad story, the story of two magazines, one destined for a life of appreciation and the other a life of being the magazine left behind, the unloved. And did my super power work? YUP! I'll admit it, I'm a very bad girl. But I did adopt two new magazines that will both be loved and appreciated and will have a forever home with my family so at least I did something good even if I went about it in an underhanded devious way :). Please stop by your local book store and adopt two magazines today, they just need someone to love!


Merci-Notes said...

Hi Kim!
thank You for stopping by my place!
I see your dilema! The women at Somerset do a beautiful job with all of their magazines!!! How DO THEY DO IT!?

With Kindness,

cindy said...

LOL! I sooooo understand, it's the dilema I face everytime I go to the bookstore! Congrats for two though, nicely done! : )

Miss*Laurence said...

Unfortunately, the same happens to me... with books instead! I don't seem to have your super powers though. A good thing I found "new and used" from Amazon... you can always find a cheaper second-hand copy.

BTW, I'm having a giveaway along with a lot of other blogs around the world, come and have a look!

Kim McCabe said...

Thanks everyone for your comments :) I sure do appreciate them!