Monday, January 14, 2008

New Collage Work!

Right now, while I'm sitting here typing, I'm listening to the rain pelt my roof while the wind blows furiously. Our weather has been less than friendly sounding as of late and I'll admit that sometimes it can make me a little nervous. I love that I'm so busy always, and while it means that I have alot to think about and do in very little time, it also means that I have less time to think about how seriously scary the weather is sounding outside these walls.

My husband's Chihuahua is in heat right now, SO annoying! She never leaves our house as she is an indoor paper trained dog so because of that, the fact that we are short on cash most of the time and the fact that our other Chihuahua who is a male is fixed, we've never bothered getting her spayed. She isn't a messy dog at all like some dogs are, but the annoying part is putting up with her constantly propositioning our other dog and her inappropriate attempts to start a romantic relationship with my poor husband's leg! She's a good dog though and when her bizarre behaviour get's on my nerves I just have to remind myself that she's just being brainwashed by hormones and it's not her fault :).

I finally finished some more artwork that I've been working on! I'm sooo happy with the results! These are two personal favorites for me and I've decided to do a few more similar projects in the future because while they were alot of work they were SO much fun! Check out the details by clicking on the pictures for larger views. The next paragraph describes the details of what went into the larger piece (the one hung on an old hanger).

Many of the things used in this piece are quite old with the oldest item being from the 1800's. The base is the back half of a booklet sort of vintage photo frame made of a thick type of paper. I'm guessing it's from the 1950's. I then added a very sturdy cardboard box covered in various ripped pieces of paper which were painted with multiple coats of white gesso, paint and crackle medium. The little donkeys that are wired to the inside of the box are vintage, and were accidentally knocked off a shelf by my husband but I just didn't have the heart to throw them away even with their multiple leg breaks so I hung on to them until I found the right place in life for them. Around the box are treasures both old and new. The flower is new, as are the beads, buttons and a few other little bits and pieces. The small rectangular clock face is vintage and made out of enamel and copper. I found it in a lot of watch faces I purchased from a man in the Netherlands and it was my instant favorite! The piece of red fabric under the clock face is the oldest part of this collage. It came from a vintage childrens book's binding. The book pages came apart and rather than trying to get it all back together I decided to use the binding fabric in my artwork and keep the book pages to frame at a later date as each one is covered in gorgeous color illustrations. The book dates back to the 1870's! The paper lady under the binding fabric is also quite old, she is at least 100 years of age. The white velvet leaves are vintage, as are the blue postage stamp from France and the black and white photo. The top of the collage features an old Victorian trading card as well as part of an envelope from the late 1800's. I decided to hang the collage from an old wire hanger that used to be painted white which I found in my bedroom closet when I moved in. This collage took a while to construct but now that it's all done I can easily say it is my favorite piece of art I've ever done and it has found a home hanging in my bedroom.

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