Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Little Buddy

The above picture (taken last night while I read a book sitting on the couch) is a typical pose for my little buddy "Griffin" or "Griffy" as we call him. Griffin is a tiny little black and tan purebred male Chihuahua and is the dog of my dreams. He's always been the sweetest little guy, so friendly and full of life. The day we got him he immediately rolled over on my lap in our truck and stayed like that, sprawled out on his back till we got home. He was so comfortable with us, he never cried once even though he didn't know my husband and myself and was leaving the only home he knew.
Now Griffin is all grown up and you'd never know it! He still plays just like a puppy, pouncing on everything and biting our heels as we walk down the hall. He's always in the mood to play and has even figured out that if he brings my 11 month old son "Liam" his toys, Liam will play tug of war with him. I'm so lucky to have found Griffin, I don't know what I'd do without him. He is a very special little guy.

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