Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bird Themed Collages

I have recently discovered the joys of working with cardboard! I always felt a little guilty throwing out empty cardboard boxes because before I throw things away I usually try to imagine an artistic use for them but I was coming up empty for the boxes. Then one day I came across an artist who paints directly onto cardboard and a light came on inside my often muddled brain. Why didn't I think of it sooner? I don't know. Sometimes it takes seeing someone elses work to get those rusty gears moving in my head. Anyway, the above collages are done on thick pieces of cardboard. The birds were hand painted on paper and then cut out and glued to the cardboard canvases. The cardboard itself has collaged papers glued on and plenty of paint. I added some vintage ephemera (reproduced from the originals in my collection), some paper flowers, glitter, paper doilies and authentic vintage stamps from France (I have a huge jar full of these French stamps that I've been dieing to use). Eventually these little creations are going to be mounted in shadowboxes.


Miss*Laurence said...

That's a good idea. I remember those stamps!
Do you use any varnish to make them more permanent?

Kim McCabe said...

Thanks Laurence :). Some of the stamps are marked from the 50's, one is from the 20's but on most the date is too faint to make out. I use the spray on varnish in matte finish. I believe the brand is Folkart. I tend to spray things quite heavily which is why I use matte finish. The more you spray on the less matte it is and I usually wind up with a more "satin" finish look :).

MarilynH said...

Cardboard is my favorite substrate. Doesn't it make you feel so good to recycle in that way? I love this artform. Your collages are breathtaking!!! thanks for sharing.