Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Dreams, Clean Floors and Bald Babies

Today is a bad day. Most days are not so glum but today just isn't feeling quite right. I feel lost somehow, like I'm stuck in a dream of some sort. Last night I was awake till 3:00 AM, then my little Bug awoke at 6:00 AM so I was up making him a bottle. He went back to bed and I stayed up long enough to eat some fat free vanilla yogurt straight out of the container, then off to bed. I had a dream. Was it a bad dream? I don't really know but I do know that it really effected the way I feel now. All I remember are a couple of the people in it were from Highschool, people I haven't seen for years and that there was a lake and possibly a small row boat, but that's it, that's all I remember. When I woke up this morning I had a hard time getting out of bed and about twenty or so minutes after waking I started to feel ill. I now feel sick to my stomach and dizzy. I have no clue why, I didn't eat anything bad. Ah well, such is life, maybe some chocolate will cure me of this grey cloud hovering above my head :).

I have a collage I need to finish today and then a large load of dishes to wash and if I'm feeling any better later on I may even attempt to give the kitchen a good scrubbing. I actually enjoy cleaning, especially the floor. I do everything the slow way, by hand. No mops or special cleaning devices. I get down on my hands and knees with a rag and I wash our floors, every last inch of them. I'm only happy and comfortable if everything is clean, a dirty or messy house could quite possibly drive me insane.

My little Liam is learning to walk! He holds our hands and walks so proudly down the hall as if he's been doing it for such a long time. He loves it and laughs and squeals with joy while he throws in a couple of quick running steps. It'll still take a while before he can do it on his own, he's a little tipsy right now, but he's getting there :). And I did something so very bad the other day! I gave Liam his second hair cut ever and it turned out to be an absolute disaster! The first haircut I gave him was wonderful but this time he just would not sit still and his hair turned out so choppy that I finally took out his daddy's electric clippers and gave his head a good buzz. He now has stubble like his dad and while it's not the typical baby haircut it actually looks really cute! Especially when he's on his dad's lap. He has a great shaped head for this sort of thing so it's not so bad. He was so good when I did it too. The sound of the clippers didn't bother him and he sat very still and behaved so well, I'm proud of my little baldy :)!


Don & Debby said...

Please, please, please Kim. Send this grandma and grandpa a picture of your little baldy, and maybe one of him and the big baldy together. I would love to see what he looks like.

Love from Momxxx

PS hope you're feeling better

Don & Debby said...

Liam's hair(cut/shave) is so cute. What an adorable look on his little face. Looks quite mischievious I'd say.

Love Grandmaxxx