Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Baby Book in the Making

I've started work on my son's baby book. Today I did some painting in it and I'm hoping and praying it turns out as cute as I'm imagining it to be. I also took some pictures today of some of Liam's things to put in his book. No worries, we don't let him play with the marbles yet, it will be some time till he's ready for those :). We have a large vintage mayonnaise jar full of marbles that were my husband's when he was a small boy. I love that my husband and I both have toys from our childhood that we can give to our son. I still have my very first stuffed toy given to me the day I was born! A pink bear named Pinky. Pinky has many worn spots, a rip in one ear and I had to sew buttons on for his nose and eyes because they came off long ago but I still think he's pretty lovely :).

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Don & Debby said...

You take such pretty pictures Kim, and Liam is a lucky little boy. Imagine what his life will be like considering that his mom and dad are still kids at heart.

Love Mom(Grandma)xxx