Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art in Gloomy Music Filled Rooms

A digital collage I created today. I thought I'd try something a little different so I altered some of my photos and stuck them together in Photoshop.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween is Scary to Me!

This is the very first year I will be celebrating Halloween and I can't say I'm not a little nervous! I've been warned by others that this area gets hoards of kids. I'm absolutely terrified that I'm going to run out of candy! I really have no clue how to go about the whole Halloween experience, do I just let the kids grab the candy out of a bowl themselves or do I hand it to them so they don't overdo it and grab too much? One nice elderly man I was talking to at Walmart the other day told me that last year he had kids making requests! Some kids asked for soda pop but he wasn't handing out soda pop and they left empty handed! Can you imagine!? What is wrong with kids these days? If I had been allowed to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid I would have been perfectly happy with whatever I was given. Now of course I'll probably wind up with nothing but the scary mean kids knocking on my door LOL! I can't wait till Liam is just a tad bit older and we can take him trick or treating, such fun it will be! And I guarantee you I will teach my boy to be grateful for whatever he may get and to always say thank you :)

These photos were taken a little while ago as the sun was going down in my backyard.

New Artwork!

Love Ewe : This painting was done on canvas. Before the paint was applied I covered the canvas in vintage book pages and then painted directly over the pages.

Old Wooden Chair : Another painting done on vintage book page covered canvas. Notice the little bird perched on the back of the chair?

This peice was also done on cavas and covered with vintage book pages. After the canvas was covered I painted it and added a little landscape painting in the bottom left corner. I then stiched the various bits and peices directly onto the canvas. Everything stiched on is either antique or vintage except for the velvet leaves which are new.

This peice was done exactly like the one above it. The items stiched to this canvas are also antique and vintage.

And this is what I do with vintage postcards that have ugly pictures on their fronts. I painted this little landscape directly onto this vintage postcard.

Another vintage postcard I painted a landscape onto.

This one I did a little differently. I embroidered a piece of fabric and then stiched the fabric onto this vintage postcard.

Another vintage postcard with embroidery.

There is more new artwork to see on my Flickr account which can be viewed HERE.

Puppy Love and Bingley Updates

As you can see by the picture, Mr. Bingley fits in just nicely! I feel very lucky to have found another Chihuahua that get's along with Liam and Boo so well. When Griffin passed away I was certain I'd never be able to find another Chihuahua that would do so well with Liam but apparently I was wrong because Liam and Mr. Bingley have become good friends and seem to really enjoy each others company. Bingley is such a sweet little guy, so cuddley and affectionate. He's also my little shadow, he follows me everywhere I go. And he's become such a well behaved little guy! He rarely has any accidents now and happily goes outside to do his business. Yes, I really do love this newish addition to my family, he's such a doll!

Vintage Postcards

What is your favorite thing to get in the mail? Mine happens to be one of my greatest obsessions, vintage postcards. Of all of the different things I find myself collecting, nothing gives me more pleasure than my vintage postcard collection. I love flipping through the pages of the binder I keep the best of my collection in and sifting through the endless piles of the not so perfect ones. I tend to buy them only in large lots and won't pay more than $1 a card although most I only paid a few cents for. The best thing about collecting them is that they can be found rather cheap if you know where to look and that sits very well with my strict budget :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Quick Post For My Husband

This post is especially for my wonderful husband Oliver who is away from home for work. Oliver, I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE you SO much! I miss you and can't wait till you return to me! I'm so proud of you and I wish you lot's of luck with work and please don't forget what I look like while you're away :) I won't be able to forget what you look like because the above picture of you and Liam is blown up HUGE on my computer screen! Lot's and lot's and lot's of love, your sweetie XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Something I Do That I'm Sure You Don't Know About!

Ever wonder about a person's past? What they did before you knew them or maybe even just read about them? Well here's something that I'm sure you didn't know about me. A number of years ago I was a model horse artist. I just recently started up again and found that all of that mixed media stuff I've been up to lately must have done something to me because my little painted ponies are better than ever! I fiddled with airbrushing these little ones for a couple of years but decided that handpainting them with acrylics is just so much more enjoyable while it may take quite a bit more time. There is an entire hobby dedicated to these little horses that spans the globe! My past work still to this day is winning awards for it's owners which I'll admit shocks me a bit, I'm my own worst critic. I used to bring my horses to model horse shows and compete against other artist's work. Then I would sell my horses to collectors. The above pictures are of two horses I did a number of years ago just before I quit painting them. They are super tiny little guys as you can see, one is on my dining room table and the other is standing atop my knee. The top horse will be for sale when I get around to it and the bottom horse is already sold. I specialized in these mini scale horses and in Appaloosa patterns (the spotted color for you non-horsey people). I know this sort of thing probably sounds so bizarre to many people LOL! I no longer collect model horses myself but I've decided to begin painting again whenever I need a break from my other artwork and in all honesty, the money to be made in model horse painting is just so much better than selling mixed media stuff so I'd be crazy not to paint a few horses from time to time :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My New Art Room/Studio Unvailed Finally!!!

This is the closet in my little room. There are no doors so I hung up some of my Indian fabric for a little curtain. The blue tin is a lovely vintage find from a second hand store.
These Chinese lanterns are not vintage but still lovely and they fit right in with their bright colors! I hung them from lengths of creamy yellow antique lace.
My cabinet was a purchase from IKEA. It matches my desk on the other side of the room. One of these days I think I will paint them both. The little cabinet on top was made by my mum. The vintage tin canisters on top are both finds from my favorite antique shop in Great Village Nova Scotia. I have a matching set of three of the one with the yellow lid! On top are four 100 yard rolls of vintage seam binding in glorious colors!
Here we have a cute little straw bag full of wonderful treasures! An antique photo, two antique Delineator fashion magazines in surprisingly good condition, A very large book of aged lined paper from 1921 complete with page numbers stamped on by hand, a vintage copy of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town" sheet music and other neat things. Those are vintage rhinestone clip-on earings attached to the front of the bag.
Two lovely vintage rose patterned bowls houseing some antique Victorian trade cards as well as a roll of rose patterned vintage wallpaper border. These trade cards are just a teeny tiny part of my collection. I have about ten rolls of that wallpaper border, all 12 feet in length!

Some of the vintage books sitting atop my painting desk.
Pretty things displayed on the shelves above my desk. Three vintage plates, a Bailey's sugar pot in the bottom left corner and two gorgeous vintage velvet millinery flowers.
This adorable velvet bear was made by my mum when I was a little girl. It's wearing my vintage rhinestone bracelet. The alarm clock, also vintage, was made in Paris. I have two, one slightly different than the other. The button cards and loose buttons shown are all vintage as well as is the hanky shown hanging out of my Tiffany & Co. gift bag which is also home to an assortment of old cabinet cards.
More old books piled up on my desk. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin is my favorite Beatrix Potter book. I'm hoping to find a first edition copy one of these days. The Horses & Ponies book was my mum's when she was young. The bible was in an auction lot that I won and while I'm not religeous I love it's worn old look. I'd have to double check but I believe that one was printed in the 1800's.
This metal K that hangs on the wall is from an old metal screen door. The pretty sparkly is a vintage rhinestone broach.

The newly painted wall shelves above my desk. I covered them in vintage book pages and then painted them with acrylics. The little shadowbox I put together to house my cute vintage plastic deer figures. Three of the horses are Hagen Renakers while the other (the littlest one) is one I painted years ago.
More vintage tin canisters, one holding paint brushes and the other paper flowers. The pink cake plate was a wonderful gift from my mum. On top of it is a vintage blue carnival glass sugar dish holding vintage rhinestone lovelies, two antique pocket watches, some swarovski crystals awaiting the right project to use them in, a blue sparkly bird and the pretty gold tiara I wore on my wedding day. The vintage glass jars hold more vintage supplies such as white velvet leaves, white buttons and some not so vintage but rather new plastic pearl beads. There you see a stack of antique postcards which are only a smidgeon of my antique postcard collection. If I could only collect one thing it would be these postcards! I love them!
Another shot of my desk. The chair is quite old and missing most of it's paint but I love it like that. It only cost me $10!
More on display on my shelves, this time we have a Baileys cup full of new velvet leaves and a vintage mother of pearl button card, a vintage salt shaker, and in the background one of my paintings and a Victorian childrens book from the 1800's, every page is covered in gorgeous color illustrations!
And last but not least, more shelf treasures! A lovely old handstiched hanky, a beautiful and fairly large antique Victorian trade card featuring yellow roses, the little horses I mentioned before and some of my Eiffel Towers.
I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

Some New House Pictures as Promised

Well here they are! A sneak peak into my new home. I don't have alot of photos yet due to things still being unfinished and a real lack of furniture but this sort of gives you an idea of what things are going to look like for our new domain. I do have to apologize for the lousey first picture, it's dark and grainy and well, just not all that good.

The above picture is of the artwork currently on display above my livingroom couch. The canvas paintings were all painted by me in a sort of f0lksy style and the gold frame and framed piece of tapestry are antiques.

This picture is a shot of my front foyer/hallway seen from my livingroom. Decorations have to be sparse with a toddler about so most of my treasures are on display upstairs in my art room/studio. Don't you LOVE the old Regulator clock above the chair!? It's an antique that was given to me by my parents. I seriously adore that clock! It has all of it's parts but I need to take it in to get it fixed as it stopped running a number of years ago. It's been in my family since I was a little girl. The floors are all the old floorboards original to the house that we decided would be lovely painted a nice peanut butter color. The kitchen and laundry room have the old style lino tiles in a light green and cream colored checker pattern which goes perfectly with it's very 50's style look. I can't wait till the kitchen is finished so I can reveal how neat it looks :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Crow! It's Been SO Long!

Okay so I haven't been very good at updating the old blog lately I'll admit. Life has been more than a little chaotic for us here. The house still needs work done, and I've been so busy with unpacking and the usual things I'm busy with. Mr. Bingley is doing well, he's such a doll. We've come to the conclusion that he is very much like our dear little Griffin (may he rest in peace). But with a slightly nuttier personality! Liam loves wiping apple sauce off his face and then having Bingley lick the stuff off his hands, Bingley of course does not object to it at all.
As for my art, I have done a little here and there. Most has been for my own home though, not for selling. I have more walls to dress up in this house and I want everything to be just right so I have quite a bit of work to do still before I will unvail my abode and the art that is within. Lately I've been on an early American folk art kick. I've found myself loving sheep, little red houses and other such cuteness. I'm putting my own spin on it all though! Also I work on my embroidery when I have time which is less often than I'd like. Liam loves rummaging thru my box of embroidery floss and then handing the little spools to Bingley to chew on. This of course is not something I like to encourage so it's rather difficult to sit down and get much of anything done.
My little art studio is looking lovely! I haven't been able to get very good pictures yet so I'm keeping it under wraps until my photos look at least somewhere near as good as the room itself looks. But I will say that if you love antique and vintage treasures and bright colors then you'll probably like my little piece of heaven! I love going in and just sitting sometimes. One especially lovely thing is that from my room I can hear the old town church bells and the town clock chiming. Living in a super old town full of ancient buildings is so wonderful I really can't even begin to describe it! It's like a dream come true! And I can VERY easily report that I will NEVER move back to British Columbia ever! It's like I was meant to be here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mr Bingley is HERE!!!!

Well after what seemed like decades the wait is finally over! Mr. Bingley is here with me right now enjoying a much needed nap on the couch. He's a very sweet little guy, very happy and FULL of mischief! This puppy is so wild, he sure does keep Boo on her toes! If he's not sleeping then he's looking for something, anything to chew on. Shoes, Books, Furniture, Embroidery Hoops, pretty much everything but the puppy toys LOL! I do have my hands full with a toddler and a crazy pup to keep up with while trying to run a small home-based business, create art and take care of my new home but I'm lovin' it! Bingley is such a gorgeous little guy! Those blue eyes are sooooo blue! One is actually partially green. Boo is getting along well with Bingley, she puts up with him bouncing off of her and his chewing habit. Yes, he even chews on Boo! Mostly her back legs. She finds him irritating but not so much that she won't let him curl up with her when he's sleepy.
And, we're finally in the new house! It's still not finished. The kitchen is a mess right now, things needing to be set up like counters, cabinets and a kitchen sink. I've had to go upstairs to use the bathtub to clean dishes. Hopefully though Oliver will have the sink hooked up soon and I won't be trekking up the stairs with dishes in hand. A couple of closets need finishing and then various small details need work. But even with the work to be done this house is so lovely! I'm really quite fond of it! It's very old, not sure how old exactly but when I asked my dad what he thought he guessed at least 100 years. It's chalk full of old house charm! The wooden steps on the staircase are worn in the middle of each step which makes me wonder about all of the people who lived in this house before me, using these very stairs. I can easily say that the staircase is my very favorite thing about this wonderful little house. It's imperfections are so perfect! I don't have any decent pictures yet so you'll just have to imagine things until I can post photos :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Antique Make-Over

This has been one of my latest projects. Two antique picture frames that desperately needed a make-over. The off white one is finished and the gold one hasn't been started yet. I got the off white frame at a local estate auction for $5 and the other at the Amherst flea-market for $15. I plan on painting and distressing the gold frame to look just like the other one. The green chair is my favorite piece of furniture and definately my most humble. I got it in Great Village at an antique shop for $10, I haggled it down from $20!

Today's Photo Shoot

Today I grabbed my camera and headed out the door to entertain myself while Liam napped. I took my old chippy chairs out into the yard and started shooting pictures of my new salt shaker on top of my beloved chairs who really should be named (that's how fond I am of these chairs)! Then I plopped the green chair down in the field and had Boo and Diesel model for me. Diesel (the Chihuahua on the right) is my mum's dog and is quite the little model. Of course that's really only because he's too scared to jump off the chair and he only has two facial expressions, terribly serious and scared to death! Luckily for me he modeled the terribly serious look today. Boo (the Chihuahua on the left) is my husband's girl and she is the world's worst model! Not because of her looks because she has a little deer face with such beautiful eyes. No, Boo's problem is that she's so tense and wound up that she just CAN'T sit still! And she's not afraid of jumping off the chair like Diesel is. My mum and I tried to get the new puppy "Max" to model on the chair with the others but he's so wild that all he managed to do was fall off of the chair. Needless to say I can completley understand why directors say that animal actors are the most time consuming and often times difficult to deal with in movies :)

Something New and Old (Vintage) For My Etsy Shop

I'm offering art supply packets on Etsy now. Most of their contents are vintage with the odd bit of something new added in here and there. I decided to do this when I realized that I have a heck of alot of stuff and not enough time to use it all. The above pictures show some of the goodies. Feel free to check it out :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Wonderful Sale!

Andrea over at One Hundred Wishes is having a summer sale! I just put in my order and so should you :). She has the paper flowers in the above picture on sale and they're vintage too so they're extra special! They're also selling out quickly. I was hoping for the blue ones but they were all gone so I went with the dark pink instead. I love her selection of goodies and can't wait for my order to get here! You can visit her blog HERE.

Updated the Old Website With Some New Graphics

Over the last two days I've been updating my website. Removing some of the old art, adding some new art and making new banners for each individual gallery. You can see the new banners below. Be sure to click on each one to see them all full size, they're so much better that way!