Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sophie and Oscar

The first picture shown above is my latest painting which I've named "Sophie and Oscar". It's mostly acrylic with some colored pencil on watercolor paper. I later added the border of old things (watch face, letter, magazine ad and so on) in Photoshop. The original painting isn't 100% finished yet but I decided to scan and tweak it just for fun :). I'll be working on finishing the original up tonight and it should be finished before I head off to bed.

Next we have a small collage I did in very much the same way as the first. It too will be finished off tonight before bed. Can you tell I like swans? I think they're magical and I enjoy adding them to my artwork :) .


Don & Debby said...

Sophie has such a lovely face Kim, and little Oscar is adorable. Your work continues to excel! Love Momxxx

cindy said...

Your artwork is so amazing. I will look forward to your website coming up.

Miss*Laurence said...

I think Sophie is really glowing and I love all teh details you added too.
Before I go just wanted to let you know I have awarded you my personal "You make my day" Award to thank you for the time you spend online to brighten our days! Just look on my blog to get the logo and pass it on!
Lots of love to your family and have a great Christmas.