Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A New Swan Themed Painting

I must apologize for the lousy picture, I took it this morning before the sun was out and the flash did not do it justice. The colors are a bit off and alot of the detail is lost but it at least gives you an idea of what the painting looks like. This is my latest work, an acrylic painting on a 12x36 canvas. As always, click on the above image to see a larger picture.
Today I spent most of the day working on my website. It's almost finished and I think it should be ready by the end of the week! I can't wait! It's been a work in progress for so long and I'm a little tired of it by now. I made three different versions of all of the graphics before I was happy with them. Talk about a lot of work! I've learned so much about Photoshop now though that I think it has all been worth it. Plus I'm sure I saved quite a bit of money doing it all myself rather than paying someone else to. I'll post here when it's published to the internet.


Don & Debby said...

Nice painting Kim. The colours look pretty good to me, but I am sure they are very different from the real thing. I can hardly wait too, to see your websight. I'll bet it is lovely.

Love Momxxx

Miss*Laurence said...

Have a brilliant Christmas! Your painting is really nice, I like the colours and swans are quite rare in paintings these days.
I also like your Eiffel towers display! It's really special to see them all together like that with the box and the other old ornaments.
I really like " quiet" statements. Lights everywhere, decorations on every square inch of the wall, it's too much to appreciate anything!
In fact this year I completely went off baubles.
Not one in sight on the tree.
Just Scandinavian straw snowflakes, sprayed gold pinecones and the children's hand made decorations , and I like it all better for it!
Have a warm and happy time!

Kim McCabe said...

Thanks to both of you for your kind words on the painting :). Laurence, I know what you mean about quiet statements, sometimes there really can be too much of something! I so look forward to the special things Liam will make when he's older. I have a star ornament made from yellow paper and gold and silver glitter that my neice Julia made me when she was really little. I treasure it so much that it hangs on my fridge door all year every year. Children make Christmas special :). Have a lovely Christmas!