Friday, December 7, 2007

I may be trailer trash but it ain't so bad!

The above pictures I took today. I wish I lived in a beautiful old house full of fine antique furnishings but alas, I embarressingly enough live in a run down old mobile home that I rent. It's not so bad, really. While my house needs work I do get to keep my lovely little Chihuahuas which many renters aren't lucky enough to have and I live in the country surrounded by green fields and trees with something I really appreciate, QUIET! I love how quiet the country is! I love that my son can nap with no interuptions and that the only sounds I do hear from time to time are horses calling to one another from distant fields, the wind blowing on blustery days and my landlords dogs barking from time to time. I also love the privacy I have here. No, it's not so bad to be trailer trash :). And we all have to start somewhere.

I can say one thing though, my living room is the cutest and probably most well decorated mobile home living room around! It's cozy, colorful and full of lovely treasures. I only wish I were a better photographer and could share with blogland the cuteness that is my livingroom, my favorite room.

Our (my husband and myself) plan is to move to Nova Scotia in a couple of years. There we will be able to afford the little old house of my dreams. Houses there are incredibly cheap and incredibly cute! I won't always be trailer trash :)!

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