Friday, December 7, 2007

Bathroom Loveliness

I recently purchased a tiny litte home decorating book entitled "Comfortable Country". It was such a low price and the pictures are just fabulous! I highly recommend it to any country decorating fan. The above pictures are of a bathroom in my new little book that I'm just in love with! Wouldn't it be pure joy to take a hot bath on a cold winter night in this bathroom? Someday I will have a bathroom just like this one, I'm very determined! I thought others might love these pictures as much as I do so I decided to share, aren't you glad I did?! :)


Don & Debby said...

Hey Kim, This little bathroom would suit the second little house we saw in the Xmas House Tour last night. The lady who owns the house is a collector of little, sweet odds'n ends like you. I thought of you when we were there. Momxxx

Pearl Maple said...

Love your collage work and enjoyed looking at your photos from Nova Scotia, but this bathroom is enough to give a girl serious envy.